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"Metro Spirit - Augusta's Independent Voice"

Virginia-based band Copper Sails, consisting of vocalist and bassist Boomer Muth, vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Crawley, keyboardist Kyle Crosby, and drummer and vocalist Jim Courtney, reintroduce a memorable era with their new album “Hiding Place.” In order to do this, they recruited producers who have worked with some of the same bands in which the group are influenced. A part of this collective is Greg Calbi who has worked with U2, Interpol and The Strokes, Mitch Easter who has worked with R.E.M and Wilco, and up-and-comer Ted Comerford, whose resume includes Zox and Army of Me.

“Hiding Place,” and “Nobody Move,” with its staggering drum beat, dancing cymbals, and guitars, are among the tracks which bring us back to the days of soft rock and pop, which instantly remind you of the material on U2’s “The Joshua Tree.”

“Spinning” incorporates sleek instrumentation (could be likened to Red Hot Chili Peppers with a pinch of U2) including laid-back guitar, and “Orange Peel” is a dramatic composition, where drums and bass accompany changing chords.

“Reckless Motorist” reminds you of something from the ‘80s and early ‘90s, reminiscent of Sting, or INXS with a pinch of contemporary influence. Beautiful layering of dreamy guitar strewn across another instance of staggering drums is evident on “Okay.”

Filled with melodic elements and an enthralling mix of edgy and serene rock, “Hiding Place” makes for an interesting collection of songs that beg you think twice as to whether you’ve heard them before. For those who can’t wait until January, the album is ready for download at iTunes. - Frazia Lee, Metro Spirit, November 19, 2008
- Metro Spirit

"Hiding Place"

Give the band’s debut album Hiding Place your undivided attention, and in return for the investment of your time, you’ll be dealt 11 job applications for the position of biggest band in the world… climactic moments of affirmation and everyman melodrama will ensure that even those stuck in the nosebleed seats will be able to indulge in the band’s penchant for singalong pop anthems. – Adam Costa, Adequacy, February 9, 2009 -

"CDs of Note"

A refreshingly modern and unique style is apparent from beginning to end in ‘Hiding Place.’… the reward is more than worth seeking out. – Shaun E. Kreider, PennLive, February 12, 2009 -

"Pop Matters"

Among the standouts is the title track [Hiding Place], which could easily hold its own on Top 40 radio – C.T. Heaney, Pop Matters, September 2, 2008 - Pop Matters

"Best of Richmond"

The very first list was hard to select because there are many incredible bands in the Richmond area. Taking the top of our October list in the number one spot, is Copper Sails. This sensational group is a Rock / Indie / Alternative band. Copper Sails has an amazing lead singer, Boomer Muth, who has a great voice and he stands out as one of the best male lead rock vocalists in the Richmond area. Kyle Crosby, Jon Crawley, and Jim Courtney all bring a wonderful mix of intense rock stylings, that not only showcase their own talents but lend a wonderful canvas to mix in with the vocals. The band has many excellent songs, like ‘Silo’ and ‘Orange Peel’. -Scott Eicholtz, The Richmond Buzz, October 2007 - The Richmond Buzz

"Third Impressions of the Strokes"

..Still unsigned — but probably not for long — the quartet’s dream-pop sound was an ideal warm up for the Strokes. The only recognizable tune performed was a cover of the Verve’s version of “Bitter Sweet Symphony.” Kyle Crosby used sampled strings programmed through his keyboard as a practical substitute for the orchestration, and it worked swimmingly. Singer Boomer Muth had Richard Ashcroft’s vocal tone and phrasing down perfectly. -Jeff Maisey, Portfolio Weekly, September 26, 2007 - Portfolio Weekly

"The Scene"

If I had money to invest in a band, I’d buy stock in Copper Sails...they’re one song away from the cover of Rolling Stone, and you’ve probably never heard of them. - Mariane Matera,, June 2007 -


Calling all Radiohead fans, calling all Radiohead fans we have discovered something just for you! Copper Sails hailing from Virginia offer up an album that drifts in and out with a very relaxing sonic experience. Copper Sails taking licks from bands like Radiohead and Dead Cab for Cutie have reached a wide fan base that only seems to get bigger and are ready to strike while I guess the copper is hot.

This four piece has already hit it with ESPN playing their track Sleeping Giant which offers that serene feeling of goodness. Orange Peel, has a spacey feeling to it that I really enjoyed and is my favorite track. But don’t be taken aback by the fact that they offer up some melodies that compare to bands listed above, tracks like Fool and Still Lost are in a class of their own showing off the skill of the band which is obviously talented instrumentally and vocally.

The quality of music here is recognizable and allows for the listener to float about it and enjoy it for what it is. Copper Sails is certain to be a juggernaut by catching the attention of the great Mitch Easter (REM,Pavement) to mix Hiding Place which is a large sign to me that Copper Sails really has something of interest to get such a name. Copper Sails could very well be the poster boys of this generations indie rock crowd so keep a look out for this Virginia quartet in your town. -Kristopher D. Shepard,, November 5, 2008

"Copper Sails head for open waters with 'Hiding Place'"

To borrow a line from "Sleeping Giant," the hopeful first single off Copper Sails' upcoming, buzz-worthy long-player, Hiding Place, "the world is waking up" to this Richmond, Va., quartet and its intoxicating blend of dreamy atmospheres and well-crafted, starry-eyed indie-pop.

Made up of Boomer Muth (vocalist/bassist), Jonathan Crawley (vocalist/guitarist), Kyle Crosby (keyboardist) and Jim Courtney (drummer), Copper Sails borrows liberally from influences like U2 and Brit-pop supernovas Doves, while propping up the piano-driven epics of Snow Patrol with strong, dark surges of rock. And yet, there is something different about Copper Sails.

Perhaps it's how Crawley and Muth blend their lead vocals to heighten the emotional, searching drama of their lyrics. Or maybe its how they get their complex guitar parts and Crosby's fully realized keyboard schemes to dance so easily together, or how the rhythm section of Courtney and Muth engage in stunning dynamics that lasso listening ears. Then again, maybe it's all comes down to in how rich the songcraft is and how, despite Copper Sails' somewhat ethereal aesthetic, each song — from the tidal choruses of "Still Lost" to the glimmering guitars of the title track and the relentless build of "Reckless Motorist" — is build on a solid structure, with strong, undeniable hooks.

Opening slots for The Strokes and Switchfoot have given the band broad exposure that's only grown in recent months, with "Sleeping Giant" appearing on ESPN's "Baseball Tonight." Help from industry heavyweights like Mitch Easter and Greg Calbi (U2, Interpol, The Strokes) with the sound of Hiding Place certainly didn't hurt. Full of wonder, expectancy and light, Hiding Place begs to be heard... -Peter Lindblad, World's Forgotten Boy, November 7, 2008 - World's Forgotten Boy with Peter Lindblad


Hiding Place (New album out Jan 09)
Hiding Place Advance Single (Released June 2008)
Silhouette (Debut Album)



Not only has Copper Sails been able to reach a wide audience in a short amount of time, but the Virginia-based band has achieved this in ways that break the traditional mold of how a band should be heard. On their new album Hiding Place, now available, Copper Sails showcases exactly what makes them so alluring.

Their mass appeal resulted in the track “Sleeping Giant” landing a feature placement on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” during their “Diamond Cuts” segment, which reached over 4 million viewers. Moreover, Copper Sails was chosen as a Budweiser True Music band, and their growing popularity in the Northeast has led them to share stages with the likes of The Strokes and Switchfoot.

On Hiding Place, Boomer Muth (vocalist/bassist), Jonathan Crawley (vocalist/guitarist), Kyle Crosby (keyboardist) and Jim Courtney (drummer/vocalist), take pop sensible melodies while defining themselves through textured guitar atmospheres, lush keyboards and dynamic rhythms. The result is a sonic experience described by the band as Brit-infused American indie rock that was captured by recruiting Mitch Easter (REM, Wilco, Pavement) to mix Hiding Place, Greg Calbi (U2, Interpol, The Strokes) to master the album, along with up and coming producer Ted Comerford (Zox, Virgina Coalition, Army of Me) to produce the album.

Influenced by British rock bands like Radiohead, Doves, and Snow Patrol, along with American counterparts such as Rogue Wave and Death Cab for Cutie, Copper Sails works to define a sound all their own with their musicianship and a dedication to each detail of the songwriting process. “We’re constantly listening to all sorts of music from rock to pop, jazz to to hip-hop to attempt to break down what makes it interesting and incorporate the themes into our own music,” Crawley says. Tracks like “Nobody Move” display the band’s knack for dual vocals intricately trading off melodies. “Hiding Place” captures the essentials of Copper Sails’ dynamics, coupled with their melodic nature that is represented throughout the album and which Muth feels “helps make our music interesting on the first as well as the twentieth listen.”