Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

What would happen if Chicago, The Funky Meters and Lauryn Hill started a group? You'd have a rhythm section with a pocket you could swim in, blistering horns and vocals that could bring sunshine out in a hurricane. In two words: CopperTonic delivers.


Michelle Sarah brings a magnetic style of original music to light. With charisma streaming through her lyrics in a melodicly refreshing quality, this Canadian born singer/songwriter delivers a fresh taste of soul in every note. Michelle began performing at a young age, and traveled internationally with several projects big and small, while developing her unique and powerful sound. "I'm blessed, my life has been one advantageous journey after another. That said, a lot of my personal journey through it all, has really been about hearing my inner voice. It's been a rewarding time of finding out exactly what I have to say as an artist."

Surging with intensity and expressing hard-won insight that is beyond her years, Michelle's bold writing style paints a picture of life, love, conscious evolution and more. The strong message and gripping melodies give CopperTonic a sound that shines with unmistakable musicianship and vocal ability. "We love this, it's what we do, it's how we express ourselves and it comes from the heart. I am alive in the very best way when we all share a stage. Life is riddled with experiences that are inspirational to keep writing, keep making music. The journey is real and the expression is who we are, we'll never stop.”

Set List

Set One:
When it Rains
Just In Time
The Box You're In
Don't Need No Doctor (Ray Charles)
In These Times

Set Two:
Change of Pace
Just Friends
Get By
Tell Me Something Good (Rufus)