Dirty blues rock pegged a “rebel child of Buckcherry and Guns & Roses”. Favazz - KSHE 95 (St. Louis, MO)


Bringing energy, sweat, and passion back to the stage, you'll feel like your back in the days where a rock show was the last place you'd send your virgin daughter. Their lyrics touch on sentiments of betrayal, fighting fair, and personal growth, all blended with a lil’ Jack Daniels, infidelity, and a mouth you wouldn’t wanna kiss your mother with. Saying all the things you wish you were liquored up enough to say, Copperview will give you the best bang for your buck, as well as a great excuse to act a little bit out of line.


Karma (LP) - Released January 26th, 2009

Radio Single "Yesterday" in rotation on KPNT 105.7 The Point (St. Louis, MO)

Set List

We like to mix our set up from night to night. We can play for as long as an hour and a half. We generally try to do between 30 minutes and One hour. We do primarily originals, but we do play a FEW covers... Rebel Yell, Maggie's Farm, Ain't No Sunshine...