Cop Shades

Cop Shades


Death From Above 1979, The Liars, Kyuss and Shearing Pinx decided to get together and start a family. They gave birth to a healthy child destined to lure you into the experience of that which is slick – COP SHADES.


COP SHADES introduce a slick fusion of indie, psychedelic, electronic and desert rock - setting the course of music deep into unexplored realms.

COP SHADES feature 3 veteran musicians from the Moncton, New Brunswick music scene from bands such as The Peter Parkers, The Woods, and MEN (featuring Mark Gaudet of Eric's Trip). The band bring a fresh blend of influence from the unsung musical heroes over the past 40 years and further extend that path originally created by those who predated them.

No guitars, powerful mind numbing drum beats, fuzzed out bass tones, and a plethora of vocal styles and effects all further contribute to the fresh approach brought to the round table by the 3 mystery MEN who only view the world through one medium, COP SHADES.


COP SHADES - COP SHADES EP (Superbob Records - 2010)

Set List

Typical Setlist -

Women's Rights
Gentlemen's Concentration Camp
I Shit Ponies
The Sorority
Whitey's With 'Tude
North Korean Arts Degree

Covers -

Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (The Minutemen)
The Nile Song (Pink Floyd)