Coral Black

Coral Black


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Almost Famous

Written By: Darco Petrak

Almost famous

shes the sovereign princess of social scenes
wears a chauffeured smile in hollywood white
with her look-alike subjects and designer clothes
see her posing for pictures in the limelight
while masking the pain thats building inside

Cause she’s Almost Famous
Cause she’s daddy’s little girl
Almost Famous
trying to make a name for herself
Cause she’s Almost Famous
for nothing more than some new tattoo

sweet manipulations smooth and contrived
her social obligations mixed with more wine
she seeks validation as her soul is deprived
sprayed and stained spirits are some of her crimes
she’s dizzy and blind concealed inside

Every now and then
tired of charades and masquerades
Every now and then
tired of lines staring down a mirror
Every now and then
she reveals a good side