Coral Castles

Coral Castles


Hooky New Wave Powerpop from the south that makes you feel like you're discovering your body again for the first time.


Coral Castles released their debut EP, the Corpse & the Cake, April 2008. The band embarks on a mini-tour of the Midwest with Heypenny during the Summer.

Since 2007, Coral Castles has been active in Chattanooga, Nashville, Murfreesboro and Athens. The band has shared the stage with Dr. Dog, The Features, Wax Fang, The Teeth, The Apes, Howlies, and How I Became the Bomb, while developing their unique take on late-70's new wave and powerpop. Throughout this time, Coral Castles has built a reputation on the strength of their catchy songwriting and energetic live shows.

The band returns to the studio in summer 2008 to record new material as well as shoot a video for "Ring Out, Sing Out" from their debut EP.


Phatic, Static, Magic!

Written By: Aaron Robbs

Some may say that clever alliteration
is cloaked in,
the desperate detritus of utterance.
But the fractal-ed frames
that foray into fevered pitches,
are the remnants of a song you sing, sung out by everyone.

Oh, but the frequency is phatic!
Oh, this ever clinging static...
that fills up the magical hole in my soul.

Oh we could go.
We could fly right out the window.
But if we did we might regret those things we didn't do when we were alone.

We'll just take our time,
baby there's no need to worry.
'Cause if we hurry it up,
we might run this ship up on the ground.

oh, but the frequency is phatic!
oh, this ever clinging static...
that fills up the magical hole in my soul.

the Corpse & the Cake

Written By: Aaron Robbs

I had a dream about a corpse and a cake.
Awake with a shake in the dark tonight.
A parked car, kicking and screaming, a wash of red, hands bound up tight.
No wake on the lake, just a dirty light.
A formless shape bound up in white.

I said "Yes. Go west to the paper and pine."
I'm fine, sketch a line on a wrinkled page.
The drawn trees, the soil and leaves.
A photograph, we forgot our fading age.
A sign of the times, I was rough in a way.
The pulling threads that were tearing away.

Hey, I've got a medic on the line,
it appears we never stitched up the bloody cuts of our work.
Now I never see you out anymore, packing up your bags and your moving up to New York.

Ring Out, Sing Out

Written By: Aaron Robbs

I've been trying all night just to build up speed.
But the microphone's dying and the speakers are weak.
It's a scene, I believe that the wire's cold.
And the feeling that I've got's been bought off and sold.
Don't you know about the songs that I used to play?
In my hay day baby, but those songs got away through a blown out speaker and a broken chord. Another cigarette stamped out on the floor.

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba....

It's so quiet in the hall when the kids are all gone.
It's got me thinking but I shouldn't be thinking at all.
With my fingers interlaced on the hardwood bar.
I'm wondering how we ever even got this far.


the Corpse & the Cake (2008)

Set List

30-45 minute set, original songs. typical set:

1. Phatic, Static, Magic!
2. Corpse & the Cake
3. Your Camera
4. Tough Girls
5. Wrecking Ball
6. Easy Love
7. Killer Kids
8. Affection
9. Ring Out, Sing Out