Coral Thief

Coral Thief

 Denver, Colorado, USA

If you like The Dirty Heads and Sublime, then Coral Thief is a must for you to hear. Combining Reggae, Rock and Hip-Hop these guys from Denver, CO are original down to the core. Give a listen or come to a show. You won't be disappointed...promised!!


Composed of Rocky Mountain music veterans, Coral Thief is an original, Denver based reggae/dub act bringing a fresh new sound to the people. Driving rhythms and melodious guitar lines combined with smooth vocals and flows give Coral Thief a unique sonic style. Their live show is upbeat, fun and energy filled and they are always looking to please a crowd and leave them wanting more.


Burning in the night
Wakin up

Set List

1- Sandman
2- SummerBreeze
3- Remedy
4- Criminal
5- Wakin' up
6- Move
7- Home Stereo
8- Whatever you like (T.I. cover)
9- Burning in the night
10- Broken
11- Subliminal
12- Close my eyes