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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Corax der gehobene Metal für alle"

MetalRock der gehobenen Klasse - Eingängige Texte, Melodien und eine unvergessliche Stimme mit sehr starkem Wiedererkennungswert!

Diese neue Metalband startet ganz nach oben. Professionell bis ins kleinste Detail werden die Mega-Live-Shows angeboten. Wer sie einmal erlebt hat, ist Coraxfiziert! - A-M-M-P


first single is coming in summer 2009
label is RMA
RMA is a sublabel of planetrob music.



Even though the German-based metal band has only been around for a few months, this international group of musicians has already achieved quite a lot, starting from a couple of musical ideas two working colleagues had, to winning first prize in local talent-competitions and getting a record deal.
It all started in late 2007 when the dutch born singer Micha Van De Weg and guitarist Pawel Khatamnejad Gryczka met, while working for the same company.
Gryczka, being a gifted guitar- and keyboard player, as well as an excellent composer, showed his colleague some material he had been working on, mostly consisting of heavy low-tuned riffs and keyboard arrangements. Van De Weg, a professionally-trained singer who had been in numerous bands before, immediately took interest in this exciting project. The first couple of songs that came to life, thanks to this collaboration, immediately formed the cornerstone for what would be the typical sound of the band. This sound would be formed by the many musical influences that both musicians were able to bring to the game. On the one hand you have the heavy musical under layer, build out of heavy distorted riffs and low, pounding basses, reminiscent of the modern new wave of metal. A sound that had been typical for other bands like Rammstein, Korn, Linkin Park, etc. On the other hand you have the clean, high toned voice of Van De Weg, who finds a lot of inspiration in classical rock singers, such as Freddy Mercury, Ian Gillian, Paul Stanley… The themes of the lyrics are inspired by the darker sides of life and he sings them with overall tragical and dramatic melodies. This mixture gives the music its gothic element, creating a blend of styles that results in a unique sound that has never been heard before.
When it was time to form an actual band, a bass player was found in Jef Van Even.
The belgian multi-instrumentalist had been working with both Corax-founders in the past separately and therefore was a perfect fit for the band. Regarding his musical background he could totally relate to the music and brought a lot of new input in terms of song-writing. Being on stage, he truly brings the music to life with his energetic live performance, while also singing backing vocals. As for a drummer, they couldn’t have found a better candidate. Responding to an announcement on the Corax website, stating that the band was looking for a drummer, they got a call from 22 year old Steven Alan Schuld. This talented musician had already published a self-composed album, played together with stars like Blondie and won the "Best European Drummer Contest" in 2007. With a crew like this, Corax is guaranteed to bring you a powerful, dynamic and energetic performance on stage. Constantly expanding their musical limits and trying out different things, Corax is now ready to show Germany and the rest of Europe what they’ve got. Big things can be expected and it is sure that a Corax performance will even move people who are not part of the average metal audience.