Duo Corbett/Lochabum

Duo Corbett/Lochabum


Meeting during their studies at University of Victoria, these two bad boys have the mutual love for undertaking the music of Brazil, Flamenco, and Jazz. This virtuoso duo pushes the sonic boundaries of the capabilities of two guitars, an assault of wood and strings. Beware!


Inspired by the beauty of West Coast living, Jason Corbett and Steve Lochbaum incorporate the sounds of their Island surroundings into the naturalness of the guitar. Using only two nylon guitars, the duo manages to create all the sound, colour, and groove needed to make beautiful music in a solo setting.

After earning their Masters in Music performance in classical guitar, Jason jet setted to London, UK to study jazz, and then to Seville, Spain to study flamenco. Steve hanged in Victoria chalking up competition wins and beginning his career as a teacher. They reunited back in Victoria and began jamming at the beach with a new spirit of playing based around latin rhythms. The duo began a bi-weekly gig slowly and surely etching out their sound.
Combining styles such as classical, jazz, world-music, and electronica, they compose and arrange pieces that reflect the qualities of the natural landscape of the West Coast combined with their high-octane rhythmic drive.
Musically, the sound evokes the shimmer and resonance of a small orchestra, performed on two guitar. Their music leaves room for improvisation as well as popular music nuances such as bass riffs, percussive hits, and memorable melodies.


Corbett & Lochbaum - Self -titled

Set List

Black Orpheus*
How Insensativ*
Mr. C.I
I'll Remember April*
Guardian Angel*


Barcelona Nights*
Memories of Tomorrow*
Girl from Ipanema*
Hotel California*
Samba Triste


Concierto Aranjuez*

Total Length 1 hr 25 minutes- 2 sets - 1 encore
Covers *