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1. All That Binds Us (1993) Azul Music
2. Unio Mystica (1995) Azul Music
3. Exotique (1998) Azul Music
4. Unio Celestia (1999) Azul Music
5. Art of Seduction (2001) Azul Music
6. Um Olhar (2004) Azul Music

Special Projects

1. Planeta & Planeta NovaEra (1994~1998) Ed. Três
2. Aquilon (1996) Azul Music
3. The New Moon of East (1997) Azul Music Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse
4. As Sete Tentações da Vida (2000) Azul Music Gasparetto
5. Coleção Tudoazul (2001) Azul Music
6. Corciolli in the Mix (2001) Azul Music Remixes
7. A Energia Musical dos Números (2001) Azul Music Aparecida Liberato
8. Coleção Caras Zen (2004) Ed. Caras (16 albums)
9. Notas Suaves, Momentos Serenos (2004) Reader´s Digest
10. Coleção Música do Mundo (2005) Ed. Caras (26 albums)
11. Pegadas na Areia (2005) Azul Music
12. Solaris 3 (2005) Som Livre
13. Essas Mulheres (2005) Record Music
14. Coleção Tudoazul 2 (2005) Azul Music


1. Unio Mystica (1997) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
2. Crystal Collection (1997) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
3. Angel Spirit 2 (1998) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
4. Aquilon (1998) Treibholz (Germany)
5. New Age Music 5 (1998) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
6. The Healing (1999) Universal Music (Netherlands)
7. Music for Life and Death (1999) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
8. Unio Celestia (2000) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
9. New Age Digital (2000) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
10. Spiritual Pathways (2000) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
11. Shamans (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
12. Sea (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
13. Angels (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
14. Sounds of Nature (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
15. Feng Shui (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
16. Celts (2001) Protel/Universal Music (USA)
17. Art of Seduction (2001) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
18. Free Your Mind II (2001) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
19. The Healing III (2001) Universal Music (Netherlands)
20. The Sacred World (2001) Universal Music (Netherlands)
21. Celtic Mysteries (2001) Universal Music (Netherlands)
22. Brazil: Inside Amazonia (2001) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
23. Music of the Planet Vol. 1 (2001) TIM (Netherlands)
24. Ñora (2002) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
25. Wamahob (2002) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
26. Apoma (2002) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
27. Xponoínepanua (2002) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
28. Mystera 8 (2002) Warner Music (Germany)
29. Brasilounge (2002) Musica Alternativa/EMI (Portugal)
30. Mystic Beats (2002) ZYX Music (Germany)
31. Meditatie (2002) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
32. Healing Collection (2002) Reader´s Digest (China)
33. Celtic Dreams (2002) Dargason Records (Netherlands)
34. Engelen (2003) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
35. Alquimia (2003) Oreade Music (Netherlands)
36. Magic Mysteries 4 (2003) Sony Music (Germany)
37. Karma Sutra (2003) Musica Alternativa/EMI (Portugal)
38. Fashion Salon (2003) High Note (Taiwan)
39. HoteldeLuxe (2004) Leader Music (Argentina/Chile/Mexico)
40. The New Moon of East (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
41. The Energy of the Numbers (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
42. Feng Shui (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
43. Angels (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
44. Nature (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
45. Reiki (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
46. The Celts (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
47. Sea (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
48. Aromateraphy (2004) Pravzvuka Records (Russia/Ukraine)
49. Brasilounge 3 (2004) Difference/EMI (Portugal)
50. Pure Magic (2004) Reader´s Digest (Belgium/Finland)
51. Music for Relaxing and Sleeping (2004) Reader´s Digest (Belgium/Finland)
52. La Fuerza Espiritual de La Música (2004) Reader´s Digest (Argentina)
53. Heaven of Tranquility (2004) Reader´s Digest (Belgium/Finland)
54. Serenity (2004) Reader´s Digest (Belgium)
55. Gregorian Mystic Vol. 2 (2004) ZYX Music (Germany)
56. Lounge Masters (2004) Times Music (India)
57. Café E-Z (2004) Times Music (India)
58. The Mystic Experience Vol.1 (2005) More/Universal Music (Germany)
59. Na Mata Café – Brazilian Vibe (2005) Rambling Records (Japan)
60. Opium (2005) Click Music (Taiwan)
61. Musica Celeste (2005) Perfil (Argentina)
62. Magia Celta (2005) Perfil (Argentina)
63. Melodia de Las Aguas (2005) Perfil (Argentina)
64. Gregorian Dreams 2 (2005) More/Universal Music (Germany)
65. Celtic Myst (2005) Universal Music (Netherlands)
66. The Best Voices 2 (2006) Universal Music (Netherlands)
67. Mystic Highlands 3 (2006) More/Sony BMG (Germany)
68. Die Heilkraft der Musik (2006) Reader’s Digest (Germany)
69. New World


Feeling a bit camera shy


Corciolli was born in the city of São Paulo, and begun his musical studies at 13. Besides the electronic organ and classical piano classes, he developed a deep interest on synthesizers sound possibilities. Two years later, he formed his first local band, Casuar where he performed some of his first compositions and arrangements.

In 1986, working as a professional musician, he went to the architecture college, graduating in 1990. During these years, he played with Brazilian master bass player Celso Pixinga and with the blockbuster band Espirito Cigano. Also, he produced his first CD ALL THAT BINDS US. With this album, he established the Azul Music record company, in 1993.

In the following years, he produced albums distributed attached to important Brazilian magazines, promoting and selling instrumental music in large scales. In 1995, he released his second CD UNIO MYSTICA, a musical suite in 7 movements that presented alchemical texts in Latin, Gregorian chants and orchestral arrangements. This album brought him international projection, being blessed by Pope John Paul II and released in 27 countries.

In 1996, he was invited by the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse to perform two memorable nights at the Latin America Memorial, at São Paulo city. Afterwards, he recorded with them the album THE NEW MOON OF EAST, an exquisite meeting between Tibetan sacred music and western music. In 2000, he released the Tudoazul collection: 10 albums inspired in the main alternative therapies and ancestral systems of knowledge. The whole collection became a national best-seller. Also, he released EXOTIQUE (1998), UNIO CELESTIA (1999), ART OF SEDUCTION (2001) and UM OLHAR (A Glance) (2004)

With several albums released all over the world, featuring music in collections with Vangelis, Yossou N´Dour, Dead Can Dance, Hans Zimmer, Secret Garden, Era, Enigma, Sarah Brightman, Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo among others, Corciolli music is inspired and unique. His work is revealed in the rich subtlety of details which unite the traditional to the contemporary; the acoustic to the electronic. For him, music must not be imposed by limits, rules or styles. Its got to move, and to charm, by its own.

Now the artist is just finishing his new album ILUSIA, inspired by the inner world and dreams that all of us have inside. In this new and amazing project he has the participation of great musicians and friends like acclaimed percussionist Nana Vasconcelos and bassist Tony Levin, among others.