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The best kept secret in music


“Support Local Music” is a slogan that should always ring true, even if you occasionally have to deal with Hall and Oates cover bands who go by “Man Eater” or multitudes of acoustic strumming bleeding hearts whining about childhood puppies. The populous of West Michigan doesn’t have it too bad, at least upon listening to Friction Record’s latest compilation, The Lake Effect. The album opens with the shoegazing dream pop of Corcovado, an outfit whose boy/girl coos and reverb/feedback-ridden guitar work is reminiscent of the Swirlies and My Bloody Valentine, albeit less sonically devastating. The jerky, math-rock punk love of Man at Arms and the melodic, brutally honest hardcore of Spit for Athena follows. Both bands offer the gems of the disc, which ends with the dead on arrival The Sea, The Sea. Overall, The Lake Effect is a decent sampler from some emerging talents.

—Luke Hackney
February 2005
- Creem Magazine

V/A ­ The Lake Effect, CD
Four Michigan bands share a disc with three to four tracks each.
Corcovado have great female vocals reminiscent of the early Œ90s Britpop.
Man At Arms do the Fugazi/Shellac thing well.
Spit For Athena are popular and hard to pin down.
The Sea The Sea finishes up with a Nation Of Ulysses/Rites Of Spring sound.
This is one crazy mix that's totally essential.
­ Eric Action, Punk Planet #67
- Punk Planet

An easily overlooked, minor detail sometimes can say more about a person – or in this case, band-than what is revealed during a 30-minute question and answer period.

For instance, etched onto the back of each copy of Corcovado’s “Arrows, Ghosts and Doors” EP is a print number (i.e. 203/500) indicating when the cover was created.

The Grand Rapids “indie/dream/noise/ pop” band cites its role as “visual artists” and “do-it-yourselfers” as the reason each individual sleeve is handmade in a process of screen-printing and foil stamping.

It’s just one the ways Corcovado is – in sound and style-anything but ordinary. Even the way they decompress after a stressful situation is somewhat unexpected.

“The best part about recording was the pillow fight we had afterwards,” bassist Matt Kurlinski said. “We had a room at the studio to sleep in, with all of our sleeping bags. We just went and had pillow fight to let off steam.”

Fellow Corcovado members Tina Louise Newhouse, bells/lead vocals; Rebecca Rodriguez, guitar/vocals; Mike Newhouse, guitar; and Mike Christe, drums, agree.

Due to budget constraints and pay-by-the-hour studio time, the band was forced to work quickly and recorded only five songs for its debut release as a five-piece band. The result, “Arrows, Ghosts and Doors,” is a hypnotic blend of wispy female vocals layered over jangly guitars and interesting melodies. Their sound is diverse, reflecting the members’ varied musical tastes and the collective nature of their songwriting. The lyrics often are literary, and Tina said she often weaves characters, heroines, and everyday people into her songs.

“We’re really inspired to come in and write songs together,” Tina Said. “You know other people will take it in a different direction.”

Rodriguez said she enjoys sharing the creative process with bandmates: “Creating the music is the best part for me.”

The five-who once were unexpectedly accompanied on stage by a songbird during an outdoor show-hope to produce a full-length album in the future but aren’t rushing the process.

“We’re not in a huge hurry,” Mike Newhouse said. “We want to do it right. We want the right fit.”
- Grand Rapids Press

Excitement ran through my veins when I opened the package having Corcovado's EP withheld in it. I have had the wonderful pleasure of catching this band live in Grand Rapids a couple of times and I can honestly vouch for their talent and musical beauty. Listening to Corcovado, you can hear that, Lead Singer, Tina Louise's vocals are incomparable to anyone out there today. The bands melodic tone entrances you behind Tina Louise's sweet voice. Their 5 song debut EP is worth many a listen and is definite proof the Grand Rapids local musicians can have what it takes to sound great! You catch Corcovado appearing at many clubs around the Grand Rapids area. Also, visit their web site at

Yvonne Glasgow - Music Revue

As a duo, Corcovado's previous effort was a home-recorded, self-titled EP release. On Arrows, Ghosts and Doors, Corcovado hit the studio and re-developed their sound together as a five-piece band that touches on indie rock, shoegaze, dream rock, and jangle pop. The album roars to a start, taking a huge cue from Seely. Bass and drums drive along against the picked, distorted Sonic Youth-style guitars, while the dreamy, meditative vocals and bells of Tina Louise and Rebecca van der Leest float above the layers. The highlight, "Small Girls Are Trouble," conjures up the spirit of Blonde Redhead and Deerhoof. Haunting vocals again are pitched against the drive of bass and drums, while guitars move at a creepy jangle and rev up for the choruses. At times, it seems as if Corcovado wander off of the mark that they set up for themselves. They have wonderful ideas for epic tracks, but back off just when you are wanting more. Like most dreamy guitar-driven bands, such as Sonic Youth, Seely, or Blonde Redhead, Corcovado are at their best when all of the independent elements are playing off one another. Arrows, Ghosts and Doors from Corcovado is a decent debut release as a full band and one can only expect to hear great things in the future from this outfit. — David Serra - All Music Guide


Arrows, Ghosts, and Doors-EP Released October 31, 2003
Featuring: Small Girls Are Trouble and Fear Her Minor Smile

The Lake Effect - Full Length Split on Friction Records- Released November 2004
Featuring: Chemistry of Spiders and Biology of Bees

Test Tones Volume 4 - Tonevendor
Featuring "Daydream Holiday" a preview track from the next Corcovado Full Length.
Release Date: March 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Corcovado can be found somewhere along the path where dream pop, noise pop and indie rock might intersect.

Corcovado is at times reminiscent of the Pale Saints, Seely, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth. Their lyrics and music are challenging and subvert traditional pop/rock song structures. Their songs contain intricate patterns of guitar paired with loud, reverb drenched feedback woven with breathy female vocals over driven bass lines and precision drumming bound together by a reliance on sonic texture, both in terms of instruments and vocals.

Their live performance carries with it an honest and delicately raw distinction. Through bells, guitars, bass, and drums they create a sound that so many can’t even achieve synthetically.

As visual artists Corcovado bring a D.I.Y. style of production to their merchandise from handmade t-shirt designs, bags as well as their debut EP giving as much life to their merchandising and packaging as they gave to the creation of the music it represents.

Influences include Sonic Youth, The Pale Saints, June of 44, Guided By Voices, Blondie, The Cure, Interpol, Blonde Redhead and a variety of musical artists specific to individual members bring a diverse and unique mix of sound and style to Corcovado's music.