Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Cordame is a string band playing original music influenced by many folkloric music from all over the world. The music is rich in textures, memorable melodies and nice rythms.


"Hypnotic" - Annie Landreville - La Scena Musicale - 2010

"Every one of the thirteen songs here has a winning memorable melody as well as consistently crafty playing and smart arrangements."
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown music gallery, New York 2010

"A splendid record." Serge Truffaut, Le devoir, 2009

Cordâme is a very dynamic group dedicated to the interpretation of Jean Félix Mailloux's compositions that explores the textures, the richness of the stringed instruments. Influenced by many cultures the music of Cordâme has a really refreshing sound.
The name of the show we're presently touring is Migration.

Migration is an odyssey through the world imagined by Jean Félix Mailloux. In doing research on ancient Persian music, Indian, Armenian, improvised music, modal music and jazz-World, Jean Felix created a music of his own. The result is a trip out of the ordinary. For this project, the string trio Cordâme is augmented by Rémi Giguère on guitars and by Ziya Tabassian
on percussions.

Jean Felix and the musicians create the music and take us with them in a world where tradition stands next to modernity, improvisation and written music are blended together. Each piece includes one or more specific mood. Some meditative, others more upbeat, some sad and others happy. Migration is the second record by Cordâme and includes 13 Jean Félix Mailloux’s compositions.

Cordâme won the Mon accès à la scène contest of the Montreal mayor for youth fondation (FMMJ) and Cirque du Soleil, consisting in a grant to record a cd in 2005. The self-titled disc includes 11 pieces written by Jean Felix Mailloux. The group has also been selected for the FMMJ tour of cultural centers in Montreal in 2007-2008, and directed the music of documentary Devoirs de mémoires by Mirella DiBlasio presented at the Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois in 2007. In 2008, Jean Felix received two grants from the Canada Council write new music for the group and the record another cd called Migration. In 2009, Jean Felix received another grant from the Canada Council to write some more music and is supported by SODEC and Cirque du Soleil to produce the second disc by Cordâme - Migration.


Lieux Imaginés (2011)
Migration (2010)
Cordâme (2006)
Many tracks from both album can be heard on many radios across the world.

Set List

We do original music from Jean Félix Mailloux.
We can do a show in two parts or only one it depends.
We also have a repertoire of classical arrangements for string trio.
We can play agig in trio, quartet or Quintet depending on venues and budget.

Here are the covers we do now and then, all the arrangements for the group by Jean Félix Mailloux :
Norwegian wood - Beatles
My song - Keith Jarrett
All you need is love - Beatles
Pavane - Fauré
Brazil - Standard
Misirlou - Greek taditionnal
Belle qui tient ma vie - Arbeau
Une chance qu'on ça - JP Ferland
Romanian folk dances - Bartok
Black Diamond - Roland Kirk
Cholors of Chloe - Eberhard Weber
Gnossienne 1,2,3 - Satie
Gymnopédie 1 - Satie
Shabbos noir - Zorn
Meholalot - Zorn
Ba'adinot - Zorn
Mispar - Zorn
The sound of music - Rodgers and Hammerstein
Spring -Vivladi
Wedding march - Mendelsson, Wagner
Ave Maria -Schubert
Satovcensko horo - Bulgarian trad.
Prelude Op. 11 No. 2 - Scriabin