"With his slow drawing of every syllable, frontman Cord Carpenter seems to challenge The Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan to a singoff. While most bands that replicate the past fail due to unoriginality, CORD, with their expressive lyrics and simple beats, creates a new space." - Hyperactive Music Magazine


When you hear a front-man like Cord Carpenter sing of his trials and tribulations you can't help but recognize each emotion that aided to the songwriting -- something thought provoking, honest and pure. Carpenter's musical journey began in 2001 in a small college town in central Texas, and grew to CORD being dubbed "one of the top 5 homegrown rock bands of Austin" by 101X KROX for the last 3 years.

While Carpenter's southern-influenced songwriting is often compared to the likes of Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers), Chris Martin (Coldplay), and Dave Groll (Foo Fighters), his inspirations span the gamut from Jackson Browne to Neil Young, The Who to Iain Anderson, and Bruce Hornsby to Johnny Cash. CORD surrounds this songwriting with the rhythm section's smooth but intense low-end flow of bassist Tommy Munter and drummer Johnny Villarreal. The sultry experimental guitar of Robert Garcia and rythm guitar of Partick Roberts tops off the sound with just enough flavor to help guide the listener back to Carpenter's yearning vocals.

In 2005, after years of establishing themselves with multiple EPs, CORD released their first full-length album 'Who You Know' to a sold out crowd at the world famous StubbÂ’s in Austin, Texas. With radio play hits like Make It and This Time pushing the release, CORD toured the south extensively, gaining friends, fans and industry respect. With a new album in the works (Spring 2007) featuring Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters/Wallflowers), a full-time US tour schedule being set, and an upcoming commercial radio debut, 2007 is the year that will launch CORD to worldwide recognition.


Songs for Your Season (TBD, 2007)
Who You Know (2005)
CORD EP (2003)

Set List

True Love
Good Day
Midnite Moon
Your Own Lies
Give Up Give In
Free to Fly
You Have my Word
Do It for You
Sunday Morning
Ordinary Town
Hotel Lobby
We Are
Give Me a Sign

Typical 1 hour set. Can do covers and extend set an additional hour if necessary.