From the time They released their 4 song ep last year; this band has been gaining praise and having a great time doing it. Their song influences are based on life experiences and really speak about the mundane and arduous task of life today.

Other Info

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Cordoba EP - 2007

Soon available on Itunes

'Finally There' - played on 104.9 The Wolf in Regina, CBC Radio 3.

Set List

Tyler - The Toadies
Liar - Cordoba
Holiday Song - Pixies
Just a Step Behind - Cordoba
Longest Time - Cordoba
Go Away - Cordoba
Circles - Incubus
Somber - Cordoba
No Reason - Cordoba
Finally There - Cordoba
So Unkind - Cordoba
Are You In? - Incubus
Not Myself - Cordoba
California's Dead - Cordoba
Got You on my Mind - Powderfinger
What You Do - Cordoba