Cord Stone

Cord Stone


Cord Stone is an Austin-based power pop rock singer/songwriter. His style of addictive guitar parts, candy-coated melodies and Beach Boys-inspired harmonies lend a new flavor to power pop. His sound harbors elements of Matthew Sweet, Fountains Of Wayne and Green Day.


Austin-based singer/songwriter Cord Stone has amassed a dedicated following attributed to national and international radio play and East Coast touring. Stone has long been on the power pop scene, playing in previous successful bands, Star Collector and Field Trip, before going solo. Influenced by bands such as Fountains of Wayne, Jellyfish, and Teenage Fanclub, Cord Stone’s music is, “more punky than Cord’s usual bubblegum pop leanings, but with more sugar than a five-pound bag of Dixie Crystals” (Gregory Nicoll - Creative Loafing, Atlanta).

• Cord Stone is receiving national and international radio play, and internet radio play. (International: France, Japan, Spain, Portugal)

• Cord Stone is accumulating rave reviews at and is currently #1 in the Power Pop genre. "Into You" and “Angelina Jolie” were recently selected as Track of the Week at

• Austin’s WB cable network features Cord Stone in their WB Buzz.

Stone is featured on recent compilations including:
• "Always: A Benefit Compilation", Basina Recordings 2004
• Guns and Roses compilation, Main Man Records 2004
• Pop Culture Press 2004 Sampler CD, Pop Culture Press
• Elliott Smith tribute compilation, 2004
• BEST OF WAZEE 2004 compilation CD

In the press:
• "Extremely highly recommended" (Bruce Brodeen- Not Lame Records)
• "This eponymous debut 4-song EP is a brilliant showcase of the immense musical gifts that Cord no doubt possesses." (Bang Bang Radio Show- Carlos Quintino- PORTUGAL 2004)
• "Cord has moved on to creating the jangling, crunchy sonic waves that comprise the new EP." "...Cord's brand of happy punk is making tri-state area audiences smile in spite of themselves." (Wes Soriano-Aquarian, New Jersey, 3.17.04)
• "Cord Stone, who left behind his critically acclaimed NYC power pop project, Field Trip to fly solo to Austin...already has songs receiving airplay in the United States, Spain, Japan and Portugal." (Sharon Jones-The Edge, San Antonio, 6-04)

In a time when artists are taking themselves way too seriously, Cord Stone’s music is a fresh reminder of when you want to roll down the windows, turn the volume up, and just sing along.

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Into You

Written By: Cord Weiss

I want to tell you that you’ve got me so confused
I’m waiting for the phone to ring hoping that it’s you
On the other end
Is it really what it seems

Your taking me for a ride
I’ll be careful not to fall
When I look into your eyes
Taking me to the other side
Like the ocean to the blue I am so into you

I really didn’t want to find somebody new
I tried to hide behind another lame excuse
I didn’t want to go
Until I laid it down and gave it all to you

Your taking me for a ride
Give me a try I’ll be around
No, I won’t let you down
Taking me to the other side
Like the chorus to the tune I am so into you

You know we’re good together
I know that this could last forever
You made me feel invincible today
I won’t let anything get in the way

Like the ocean to the blue
Like the chorus to the tune
Like the poet to the muse
I am so into you

Angelina Jolie

Written By: Cord Weiss

You’re a fox, you’re a fox
You’re my hero and you rock
Harder then the heaviest metal song
You’re the one, you’re a ten
Will you be my girlfriend?
I know we would get along

With your hair in the braid you’re so outrageous
Hope I didn’t interrupt, girl

You’re graced with everything that’s holy
I’m waiting for you, Angelina Jolie

Some say she’s crazy I don’t care what they say
What did you see in that Billy-Bob anyway?
Once you were Gia Now you’re Tomb Raider
I bet you’d kick ass out of Darth Vador

With big lips and big t-t-tattoos
You’re all attitude

You’re graced with everything that’s holy
I’m waiting for you, Angelina Jolie

We could cut ourselves together (Together- Ahhh)
We could make it last forever Hey!

With the scar on your arm and your Chinese dragon
You’re out of this world
Your mystery is still unfolding
You know that it’s true
Know that it’s true)
I don’t know what to do (With or without you)
I’m waiting for you, Angelina Jolie

Angelina, Angelina Jolie


Written By: Cord Weiss

I don’t know how to do this,
don’t wanna think about it
We’ll see if it is gonna work out
Don’t wanna try to hard, but I feel like a star
Whenever I am standing by your side

Life is a tightrope, don’t wanna lose my balance

I tremble with a sigh; she’s got glitter in her eyes
Should I take a chance or run away?
And I will give you all I could
Will distance do us good?
I don’t want it to fade away

If I could do it all, look into this crystal ball
I bet it wouldn’t change a thing
Is it wrong to be afraid
Everybody feels the same
Forgot my dream, forgot my name

And I have to question why
when did I lose my balance?

If I could turn the world and take it in my hand
I would break the hourglass
and give you all the sand
I’m gonna do my best, will you do the same?
We’ve got time to learn and communicate

I will give you time for what you need to find
I’m gonna take a chance I’m not running away
I will give you all I can and take you by the hand
I won’t let it fade away


EP entitled "Field Trip"

Distributed by Not Lame Records and CD Baby