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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band EDM Trip-hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Corduroi (Jangala EP Review)"

Review of Jangala EP

"Listening to this album, I felt like I was high on some sort of Shangri-La vacation, with peach trees in blossom, waterfalls glistening and magical gardens to explore. The soundscapes created by Cody Wilson are arranged in such a way as to turn my dancing inward, which has prompted many an opportune bedroom dance party with the volume as loud as my speakers allow. The buildup of “Qualia” lifted me up, leading me to feel like I was floating in the clouds, while “Dream Lemur/Low Tides” wraps up this EP with a finale that takes you into subconscious realms, creating an arch-structure with a slow beginning and ending, but with a booty-shaking middle, that’ll rock you right to sleep, unwinding any tension." – Brinley Froelich - Slug Magazine

"Corduroi - Anything For Now"

"Based out of Austin, Texas, electro-pop artist Corduroi has created an understated debut that runs like one giant song. It dazzles when need be (“Crustacean”), but more often than not it’s in retreat, and full of somber nostalgia (“Like Gentle Giants”). Interestingly enough, Cody Wilson named the project “Corduroi” after his favorite childhood book, which makes perfect sense. The innocent years of childhood are a main focus; however, Wilson’s mature song-writing does the album plenty good as well.

With every listen, this overtly “happy” record turns shades darker. Synthesisers sound more meloncholy, and vocal samples more ghostly. The joyful record you first heard starts to sound like a fading memory of something joyful. Without a doubt, the most compelling track is “My Dear,” which closes the album on an optimistic note. A catchy and warm synth loop carries the song throughout, with layers of lucidly tweaked sampling stacked on top. Simple, but drenched in mood, much like the previous five songs.

Even if it’s only instrumental, Anything For Now has more to say than much of the indie music put out this year. Listen to it a few times and you’ll see what I mean. For fans of Gold Panda and M83." - Verbicide

"Corduroi's "Future Adventures""

"Corduroi continues to release new music, as he and anyone else should, and this is yet another EP from this electronic music genius-in-the-making, and this one is definitely apt, as he wants you to listen to his Future Adventures (Mush).

First and foremost, the cover art for Future Adventures reminds me of the series of environments albums from the 1970′s which featured nothing but natural sound, and you had the option to play the record at 33, 45, or 78 in order to experience the sound differently with each listen. You could do that with these songs electronically, as this will not be released on vinyl. If you make your own dub plate/acetate and feel like doing it that way, be my guest.

What you want to know about though is the music. If you’ve heard him in the past, he delivers in the best way he knows how, with a nice mixture of real playing with borrowed sounds for samples. I say “nice” mixture because each one compliments each other, he’s not someone who just adds samples to take away from his weak playing, or plays incredibly and adds samples just to sound “fashionable”. The “adventures” aspect is very much here, so whether you use this music to dance to, chill out, or get deep for whatever reason, this EP definitely will set the mood for all forms of audio entertainment.

I may have said this before, but while I would welcome a full length, in order to hear what he does in that context, I like his sensibilities towards creating an EP. Short and sweet, but enough to keep you wanting to play this along with his previous work." - This Is Books Music

"Corduroi - 'Dream Lemur/Low Tides'"

"Corduroi recently released his third EP Jangala and the third track in, 'Dream Lemur/Low Tides', is eight and a half minutes long. However that’s not even the longest, the last track, 'Syzygy', exceeds the nine minute mark. It's length allows it to become very good background music, made for winding down.

Austin electro producer Cody Wilson, the man behind Corduroi, a very hip spin on the fabric name, has created something so tranquil in 'Dream Lemur/Low Tides'. It begins with a slow, padding groove with acoustic loops and wind flutters. Along the way it adopts alluring beat, wary vocal samples and that glorious noise of waves crashing and water splashing. Can we go on holiday yet?" - The 405


2011 - Anything For Now EP - Mush Records, Chill Mega Chill Records

2012 - Future Adventures EP - Mush Records

2013 - Jangala EP - Raw Paw Records, Hel Audio

Singles - "All Ways", "Glow Worm", "Qualia"

Video - "All Ways"

Video - "Glow Worm"

Video - "Qualia"



Corduroi is the electronic music project of Austin, TX native Cody Wilson. Drawing influences from the past and present, his music is a blend of styles made with software, hardware, and conventional instruments that venture from Hip Hop and House to Indie and Experimental. Music and videos have been featured on Adult Swim, VICE, The 405, Bandcamp, and many other online publications. 

Corduroi's live set is always a uniquely visceral audio and visual peformance. Psychedelic projections by Jordan Glazer seamlessly synchronize with music realtime to heighten the experience for both the artists and the audience.  He has shared the stage with numerous internationally acclaimed artists including PhantogramGold Panda, Slow Magic, Prefuse 73, Teebs, RJD2, Gonjasufi, Machinedrum, Black Milk, Giraffage, How To Dress Well, Lone, and many more.

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