"A soaring guitar-fueled sound, equal parts jangle and hypnotic thrash, topped off by howling vocals. Almost like a fusion of post-hardcore and UK indie-rock" -- The Lonely Vagabond


It's been a long time coming for Toronto four piece, Corduroy. Developing their brand of haunting folklore tales laced with sweeping post rock guitars and group hum-a-longs, hasn't been all that easy. Originally starting out as Whatever Happened to Corduroy? in 2007, the band released a well received debut self titled EP of their mixed and messy ideas that was blazing with promise. After dropping the wordy "whatever happened to" and some line up shifts, the band has developed a unique and delicate blend of indie rock. In fact, one could say Corduroy have found their calling. Unlike most bands, Corduroy cite influential songwriters like Bright Eyes, Pavement, Okkervil River, and Arcade Fire all in one song, and then manage to come out sounding entirely original and fresh. Each song stamped with the Corduroy sound and memorable punch, that will bring first time listeners back for more again and again.

It's their winning anthems that brought them to a number of stages and festivals (most namely Cutting Edge Music Festival and Canadian Music Week) and playing alongside the top in Canadian indie talent like Oh No Forest Fires, Dinosaur Bones and Never Ending White Lights. Last year, the band put out the first of a series of three song “Demoroy” releases, which are available online and at shows from the band for free. Each Demoroy features different artwork from either members of the band, or local artists around town. For the first installment, the band holed up at Jimmy Shaw and Sebastien Grainger's Giant Studio and refined some of their most promising songwriting to date. This new year will see the band prepare to release the second installment to their demoroy series in February, followed by many new stages across the country and it won't take long for these homebaked tracks to make a home out of Canada.


Whatever Happened to Corduroy? EP (2008)

Demoroy Vol.1 (2009)

Demoroy Vol. 2 (available Feb. 2010)

Set List

Regular Set-

Come Hither - 6:00
Trash Talk - 4:50
The Lighthouse Keeper - 3:50
Shiny Shoes - 4:20
Nicholas Cage - 4:30
Hello, I'm your Ghost - 5:50
Campfire Song- 6:00
Frail Bones - 5:20

Around 45-1 hour set

we also have a 30 minute set and an acoustic set as well.