Core Device

Core Device


With power, precision, and emotion, Core Device had done what most could never. Aggressive, melodic and accessible, their songs transcends trends.


Throughout the last twelve years, Core Device has constantly been remodeling their sound toward heavy yet melodic songs that has great hooks, while upholding marketability to a high standard. Within those years, you can see in the discography section, the many efforts to conquer that feat. While putting out great music on disc was always a huge goal they were no strangers to the stage either. Core Device has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many major acts such as Overkill, Type'O Negative, Life of Agony, Nevermore, Symphony X, Arch Enemy, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Iced Earth, Manowar, God Forbid, Fates Warning, Morbid Angel and the list keeps going and growing. They also pulled off a very successful-self promoted headlining tour of Japan, 24 shows in 26 days, in conjuction with their first full length release "Our Fellowship Eternal". That album opened up many opportunities for them with distribution through companies such as Tower Records, Itunes, CD Baby and Amazon to name a few. Presently, Core Device has completed a new full length album that completely showcases their individual talents along with mastering the art of writing accessible-marketable Metal songs. To put simply, "What I've Become" is just outright catchy! Every song can prove any Record Labels interests in promoting a quality product to be of no risk with Core Device. Within this EPK you can hear the song "Spiritual" which is the first track on "What I've Become" and "King of Broken Hopes". This is just a small taste of what is to become of Core Device. With relentless determination, hard work and ample experience Core Device's new CD will be heard through CD players around the globe.....The world is ready for a new major metal band!


1997- "Raped" Demo
1998- "God and Man" 5 song EP
2001- 3 Song Sampler
2004- "Our Fellowship Eternal"
2010- soon to be released "What I've Become"

Set List

"What I've Become" song list:
Intro: 58sec.
Spiritual - 6:15
Remembered as a Name - 6:35
King of Broken Hopes - 3:45
What I've Become - 7:35
Confront the Serpent - 5:50
Sixth Sense - 6:25
Call of Revelations - 5:30
Human Holocaust - 5:25
I'm not Sleeping - 5:50
Trail the Vein - 5:55
Wounded - 6:25