Core Effect

Core Effect

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Core Effect is a Detroit based regional band whose music has been described as heavy, modern, "hook" driven rock with an experimental edge. The band has been compared to the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Three Days Grace yet has carved out their own very distinct sound.


Core Effect has toured throughout the midwest and east coast and has worked to develop a strong following in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, and of course their home state Michigan. The band has performed concerts at some of Michigan’s finest venues including, The Fillmore Detroit, Clutch Cargos, Saint Andrews, and The Machine Shop. They have shared the stage with many national recording artists including Saliva, Seether, Saving Abel, Thousand Foot Krutch, Filter, 10 Years, Tantric, Days of the New and Ashes Divide. The band has also sold out many local venues, including the Detroit staple, The Magic Bag. In addition to packing local Detroit clubs, Core Effect has managed to sell 5000 cds locally in the past year. They have adapted to the changing music market, selling thousands of downloads over the past six months and have grown rapidly via iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon.

In accordance to the elevating success of their 2009 release “Armored Shades of Light,” the band has kicked off their national mainstream and college radio campaign with world renowned music promoter Howard Rosen. “I Did it All,” the band’s first National single, has already received thousands of spins on 25 different mainstream radio stations including WRIF, WXJK, KSEZ, KOZE, KBZD, KDDX, KCGQ, KXRA, Music Choice, KRWN, WKGB, WHBZ, WIHN, KBRE, WMZK, KEYJ, WOTT, WJJO, CIMX, WDHA, WSBX, WOBX, KBRQ, WWBN, and WRUF. In addition to the mainstream radio play Core Effect has been played on 61 different college radio stations, charting on 11 different College stations CMJ Playlists including WSCS, KNWD, WLFR, WMCR-2, WCCX, WBKE, WNSU, WSUP, KFKX, WSWI, and WDTS.

The band has worked hard to create and develop a solid online presence utilizing networking sites and viral promotions. The band has a fast growing world wide fan base that is adamant about helping spread Core Effect’s music to the masses. You don’t have to look much further then Core Effect’s myspace page to see the band receives about 100 new comments posted per day; many of them requesting Core Effect perform come to the fans home town to perform a concert. In addition to this, Core Effect has managed to snag the #1 spot on the Reverb Nation local Rock Chart for MI.

2012 promises to be a breakout year for Core Effect with the release of their new disc, Tied to The Rails. With escalating radio spins in both Mainstream and College markets, a rapidly increasing fan base, optimistic Digital sales, and regional touring. Core Effect is set for success in “12”.


Midget Town-2004 (Full Length)
Closer-2005 (Full Length)
Avenue of the Americas-2006 (Slugfest Records)
Armored Shades of Light -2009 (Full Length)
Tied To The Rails -2011 (Full Length)
The Rubicon - 2012
Untitled - (Fall of 2012)

Set List

Our set list is 45 minutes with varying songs