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Corey Leiter

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Nashville Five /// Corey Leiter"

Reverence toward the written word is an affinity that’s become increasingly absent within the matrimony of music and songwriting; one demands less of the other, and there’s rarely a balance with regard to form over function.

But every so often, there are artists that emerge conceivably out of nowhere, reinvigorating the otherwise dwindling spirit between the two, a promising confluence between both the historically prosaic and aesthetic sides of music, all the while peppering in personal experience with the greatest of ease.

Corey Leiter (as you may have surmised from the page title) has managed to extend such sensibilities on his debut LP, August Blanket, incorporating personal stories ranging from terminal disappointment to happy solitude, all with a smooth groove and crystalline tone.

While August Blanket is only Leiter’s first full-length, his self-actualized personal narrative will undoubtedly serve the 24-year old well in each follow-up endeavor.

Corey shared his Nashville Five of places to hang when he’s not writing and musing about his next project.

If I’m not holed up somewhere writing, here are a few of the places you might catch me around town:

BookMan BookWoman– There’s nothing better than quietly sauntering down the aisles searching for hidden gems, the older the better. They always keep the literature section overflowing with the classics. Sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find the best or cheapest copy, but that makes it all the more rewarding.

Carter Vintage– This is the best guitar shop in town in my opinion, and where I found my most cherished possession. The guitars are beautiful and every time I stop in its like seeing old friends. Also you just might run into some of your songwriting heroes.

Liberation Yoga– This is a very cool community of yogis right in 12 South. They specialize in a more traditional style that’s more spiritually refreshing than physically grueling. They kick your ass into shape without you even realizing it.

Trader Joe’s– They help me pay my bills! Despite its inconvenient Green Hills location, Trader Joe’s is a great company to work for. It’s also become a haven for musicians because of the flexibility. I get to talk music, eat good food all day long, and still create time to do what I love… Things could definitely be worse.

Live On The Green– Since its that time of the year, I’ll say that Live On The Green is one of my all time favorite things about Nashville. It’s always right at the end of summer where everyone is kicking back and letting loose. That I’ve seen so many of favorite bands for free is something I try not to take for granted. Food trucks, good friends, cold beer on a hot night, and thousands of people all gathered together for the simple love of music… That to me is Nashville.
Corey Leiter will be performing at The East Room on Wednesday, August 24th, to coincide with the release of his debut LP, ‘August Blanket.’ - Lockeland Springsteen

"Staff Picks for Sept 14th, 2015"

“Young artist from Nashville with great writing and singing chops. Watch out for this one!” - Muzooka Music Blog


August Blanket LP- Aug 25th, 2016

Ghost of Disco (single) - 2016

Liquor Store (Acoustic) - Dec. 25th, 2015

Slip Away EP- Aug 21st, 2015



Nashville based, 24-year-old singer-songwriter Corey Leiter is fascinated by the power of a song.  Especially the feeling of raw emotion behind a guitar lick or melody, or the way a lyric can make you rethink.  Corey recognizes this and is constantly exploring its possibilities.  Corey has always been known for his laid-back demeanor, his ability to listen and to soak in his surroundings, which has always made him someone to confide in.  His music is a reflection of his personality, in that it’s characterized by smooth and melodic instrumentation, a diverse range of influences, and thoughtful lyrics that aim to soothe the troubled soul.  Corey is greatly inspired by the moving songwriting of John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jim James.  Writers that push the boundaries of a song and turn it into something much more meaningful.  He hopes that his music can someday become a tool to better understand the true meaning of love and the complex human condition, and to just make people feel good.

After only a year of pursuing music at full go, Corey has become a prolific writer and has released an EP, and a full-length LP, with more music on the way.  "August Blanket," Corey's most recent project and debut, is a reflection on heartbreak and longing, the ills of American society, and his spiritual discoveries via meditation.  

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