Coreyah is a Korean folklore music ensemble. Rooted in Korean traditional music, coreyah combines different ethnic musical styles such as African, Brazillian, and Mid-eastern and modern styles such as jazz and rock.

Suitable for any kinds of stage from small café to huge rock festival.


- A Whale of a good time!

Coreyah’s unique freewheeling, polystylistic vision of Korean traditional music charts an adventurous course where Pansori(A traditional Korean style of narrative song) comes face to face with Tom Waits and Sinawi(Korean Traditional Improvisation Ensemble) meets Simon and Garfunkel! At first glance, you would think this attractive sextet would be more comfortable doing gigs at hip rock clubs rather than performing traditional Korean folk songs at classical arthall. But out come the Tungso bamboo flute, Geomungo zither and Janggo drum and as they say in New Orleans - Laissez le bon temps rouler ('Let the good times roll!'). And yes, they perform at hip rock and jazz clubs, too.

The name of the group, the Sino-Korean homonym Co - Re - Yah refers to inheritance of the past, but now it serves to draw living modern people toward more attractive music using old music elements. Translated into Hangul, (the Korean alphabet), Coreyah also means "whale" - their totem animal and good luck charm!

Coreyah is on a mission: “The root of our music is Korean traditional music, but we hope that our music can appeal to everyone.” This modest vision statement belies their exceptional artistry and yes, extraordinary ability to connect with an audience. Coreyah have sewn their colorful Korean tapestry directly onto the fabric of contemporary "World Music" and the look is... FABULOUS!


2010. V.A.«2010 “21C Korean Music Project”» Universal Music, track 4. Dondolariyo.

2011. V.A.«Into The Light - Music of Korea ?», Korea Art Management Service, track 7. Dondolariyo (Don't know how it will be)

2011. «Walk Into The Sea», Mirrorball Music. (ep)

Set List

1. Whale’s melody

2. A girl from space

3. Where shall I go

4. Walk into the sea

5. Norwegian woods

6. Asa brance

7. Farewell song

8. Frogs

9. Dondollariyo (Don’t know how it will be)

10. Suite form “SUGUNGA”