Corey B. King

Corey B. King



My name is Corey B. King, and I currently reside in Greensboro, NC. I began singing at age four in my church choir. I participated in vocal ensemble throughout my junior high and high school years. I gave up my music aspirations to follow the traditional route of college and securing a job, traditional lifestyle, etc.

After turning 30 last year, I reached a turning point in my life, and decided it was time to pursue my destiny and my music. In July of this year, I recorded a demo in New York, and a month later was selected to appear on the soundtrack of the film "The Utopian Society," which will be released on January 15,2008. This is truly my destiny.

I have attached a photo of myself and a copy of the song, "That's When I'll Know,".

You can reach me at this email address or (336) 549-5906


I am currently on the soundtrack for an independent film entitled, "The Utopian Society," providing lead vocals for the track, "That's When I'll Know.

Set List

1. That's When I'll Know-3.5 minutes
2. What if I Told You-4.5 minutes