Corey Craig

Corey Craig

 Burbank, California, USA

Corey Craig is simply... a goober. He loves to make people laugh. At a microphone, his audiences know that it's okay to laugh with or at him; for him, all's fair in laughter. Corey talks about school, his struggles with girls, and shares his unique observations about experiences in his daily life.


Corey Craig is one of the brightest new voices in comedy. A self-described “goober,” Corey loves to make people laugh. At a microphone, his audiences know that it's okay to laugh with or at him. Whether talking about school, his struggles with girls, or any of life’s ironies, Corey’s disarming charm and deceptively innocent take on life’s small moments is not to be missed.

An only child from Lincoln, Nebraska, Corey Martin Craig lived the uneventful early childhood of most Midwest kids. That all changed when, at only six years of age, Corey lost his father in a tragic accident. The next seven years found Corey acting out, assuming the class clown role and getting into more than his share of trouble; being kicked out of class became commonplace. Not until the eighth-grade did Corey stumble upon the one place where his goofiness and exuberance was accepted and encouraged: Theater Class.

Now unleashed, Corey began developing a real sense of his own comic persona and the power of laughter. He idolized Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey for their embrace of the silly and quirky, which he found genuinely relatable and provided much needed escape and relief. Repeated viewing of Sandler’s “The Water Boy ” and Carrey’s “Dumb & Dumber” never diminished their comedic power, on the contrary, they influenced and inspired him.

In his sophomore year at Lincoln Northeast High School, Corey learned that the school was losing funding for the arts, threatening to end his theater education and interrupting the life course he had now consciously mapped. Determined to stay on track, Corey did some research and found that Los Angeles County High School for the Arts was auditioning for spots in the much sought after program. His tenacity paid off, as he was accepted into the program. Now, acting up in class took on a whole new meaning. But, getting there…

Having sold all their worldly possessions to finance the trip, Dessa Craig, Corey’s mother and unwavering supporter, made the 1,500-mile journey to California with her son, now 16. Corey spent his junior and senior year at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts were he thrived… and caught the acting bug.

After graduating from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Corey landed an internship in the Warner Bros. Studios procurement department where he seized the opportunity to build a vast network of friends and connections. Those relationships resulted in stints with Silver Pictures, Damon Wayans’ Amara Films, and HDFilms. The HDFilms gig in turn led to Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “Crackle” Internet series “The Jace Hall Show,” where Corey writes and stars as Corey the Intern.

Wanting to be a well-rounded comedian, Corey joined The Groundlings improv and sketch comedy school for their renowned tutelage. He then dove headfirst into the stand up scene. An admirer of Mitch Hedberg, Kevin Nealon and Kat Williams, Corey hits the stage with a distinct voice like a breath of fresh air.

Just twenty years old, Corey has performed in Los Angeles’ ‘main room’ clubs: The Comedy Store, The Improv and The Ice House, and throughout the LA area including The HaHa Comedy Club, UCB Theatre, Alexandria Hotel, Zapata Vive, The Coffee Gallery, Scoreboards, Hollywood Billiard’s, Aura Nightclub, Oasis Nightclub, and the Irvine Improv. Corey will continue to perform to give back to the world what he believes he has received—the gift of laughter.

Set List

Some Joke Topics:
Adventures at the Mall
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Girl Problems
Having Dreams
My Mom and Grandma
Texting on the Phone
Idiotic Friends that make me seem Smart
Getting picked on