Corey Jones

Corey Jones


My spin is rocky motown with a bluey jazzy touch of country spin.


My name is Corey Jones. I am from a place called Upper Big Tracadie. Not too many people have heard of it. I have an unusually wide range with my voice, that you will hear on almost every song I sing. People have said that they just can’t believe I do ALL of the vocals on every song! But it's true.

Really doing this music is my goal right now. I have found some people to work with, and we performed at Duffy's Tavern in Toronto, which for a first performance was laid back and easy. Overall it went over very well and I have started to sell my CD’s. Because of that success, I am more determined than ever to play and tour. I recently found a keyboard player to complete the sound. I will be doing original music and some covers as well. I do hope you will listen and enjoy!

I am currently working on getting my music to the ears of the the people.
And currently looking for an agent or manger.

I just want to create, and perform, my music.
Thank you.


If the words can't do it

Written By: Corey Jones

My lips hmm you'll kiss
Your hips will wiggle me in
my body calling you
and if thats all baby
you better hold on tight because i'll love you down
with my words tonight
if the words can't do it
i gonna put some action to it


Corey Jones -If the words can't do it

Set List

40 minutes set.
I want to know your story
If the words can't do it
smooth-cover sang by Rob Thomas
I learn from the best -sang my Whintey Houston
Your all i need to get by- Marvin and Tammi