Corey Jones

Corey Jones


The music i creat is grandpa music, like rocky motown, blue with jazzy feel and a taste of country mixed in. And i do the voices.


My music is from the point of view of a small town black boy, that no one care about.
I am from Nova Scoita a very little place in the woods that no one has heard of called Upper Big Tracadie. I was made funny of alot because of how i talk but in the church i could sing up a storm. What sets me apart is the attention i bring I sound so sweet and i can look so rough and it really come out in the songs i have written and perform, the music is funky and dirty in a very good way.
I can not wait to perform for anyone who is trully into the music.
I really got on myself this year finishing my songs and completed my frist cd. available on the website and at hmv and I am now living in Toronto to play and do my music.
I wanted my cd to have something for everyone i really hope you enjoy it.


have 13 tracks-
1- copycat
2- never been kissed like this
3- the nuns
4- i want to know your story
5- why didn't you just tell me?
6- Does it really matter?
7- look me in the eyes
8-if the words can't do it
9- i will get over
10- decorated
11- as long as i am standing here
12- nobody's momma but yours
13- all about the way he says my name

Set List

groovey, people are really into my music, we do 7 of my songs copycat a rock song.
i want to know your story a funky jazzy jam
If the words can't do it this is bluey jazz really sweet
Nobody momma but your straight up funky country with a message.
decorated is jazzy funk and lots of funny for women.
never been kiss like this soulful sounding, usually end the set with this song.
marvin gaye and tammi
I learn from the best
whintey houston
rob thomas
C.r.a.z.y britney spears
if i like i can sing anything.
The music is meant to move you in some way and that the way i like to perform it.