Corey Kane
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Corey Kane

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Country


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Makes me wanna get up and dance!"

If I didn't know any better I'd say these guys were some strait outta Nashville, TN Pros! I've been on the Country music scene for a long time and there ain't much that moves me...but this? It males me wanna get up and dance! - Your Mom


Nov 2011: Corey Kane - Self Titled EP



Corey Kane is a new band ready to make waves. Founded by Corey Vanderhoof and Lucas Seiferman, the band straddles many genres and has a little something for everybody.
Although mainly Pop-Country/Rock, Corey Kane still likes to throw in Blues/Jazz and Alternative Rock influences.
Everyone in the band comes from different musical backgrounds and in turn gives a unique twist on the sound.

Corey Vanderhoof is a Clifton, Texas native and grew up singing in the choir on Sundays. Listening to classic and contemporary country was his musical upbringing. As he got older he delved into the rock of the 90's and obtained some alternative influences.
Corey is the chief lyricist and songwriter and has knack for catchy melodies and hook writing. His voice is incredible and has an extremely pleasing tone.
Once the audience hears his vocals they are instantly won over.

Lucas (Kane) Seiferman is the other half of Corey Kane. The two thought using Corey's first name and Lucas' middle name would be a catchy fit. Lucas is an Austinite by birth and has lived there most of his life.
Playing guitar and writing songs are his passion. Well versed in many styles, he helps branch genres via his major in jazz during college. He also sings harmonies live with the band.
Lucas and Corey often collaborate on the songs much like Lennon and McCartney did, helping to keep the song true and to have a unique mixture of sounds.

Andrea Carroll is the pulse of Corey Kane. Andrea is a master of many instruments and plays bass for Corey Kane. Among bass she can play guitar, violin/fiddle and keys. Her voice is also well trained singing harmonies alongside Corey, again giving the band even further depth among its sound. Andrea graduated from Belmont and has a well of knowledge in music theory and composition.
Andrea was a resident of Nashville, turned Austinite and has toured with numerous touring bands.

Peter Elko is the backbone of the band. Peter is from New York originally and he is a monstrous drummer but at the same time he can have the dynamics and rhythmic control of a seasoned jazz player.
He, like the rest of Corey Kane, has a continued education in music attending the University of North Texas and participating in the Steel Drum ensemble.

Corey Kane is like a volcano on a fault line, just waiting to explode. The band is rapidly gaining steam and fans along the way, make sure to follow Corey Kane on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with upcoming shows, studio releases and photos.