Corey Kirk

Corey Kirk


A fusion of old time Christian music with a modern day sound. "His talent and God-given ability is just absolutely amazing!" and after a show Buddy Greene was quoted saying "Keep on harpin brother!"


The West Virginian raised Songwriter, Corey Kirk, has been songwriting and performing since the age of 8.

Born to a hard working family in Parkersburg, WV, The born-again Christian's passion for music has led him to perform in several churches and events to promote the glory of God. "Corey does such a fine job" says one church goer. "His talent and God-given ability is just absolutely amazing!" Throughout his career, Corey has been able to meet up with several Christian music industry leaders including The Thompson Family, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Buddy Greene, and The Gaither Vocal Band.

Corey is also an accomplished Harmonica player. With influences from Adam Gussow and Buddy Greene, Corey has a unique and unparalleled sound and style. Buddy Greene is quoted as saying to him "Keep on harpin brother!"

Though he has been encouraged by his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, Corey always gives God the glory for any and all facets of his life. Corey says, "Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. Without Him, there is no life worth living. God has graciously given me an ability to reach the lost and give glory to Him through music, and I intend to use it to further His Kingdom."


Ill Drink from the Spring of Living Water

Written By: Corey Kirk

Right now in the city a boy cries today

His father has told him his mom passed away

For she had been sick for more than a year

she went to be in heaven, as they shed their tears

He remembered what his momma said long ago

be faithful to God, his word tells us so

Though he was feelin so down and out
He promised God this life long vowel

Lord Ill drink from the spring of living water

and Ill taste the bread of life made for me

Though Sometimes I feel that Im still in Bondage

Ill lean on you lord cause you set me free

some times im discouraged about what I see

and I struggle to realize that I am now free

I know that the world is not my best friend

God is all I need for my thirst to be quenched.

so Ill drink from the spring of living water

and Ill taste the bread of life made for me

Though Sometimes I feel that Im still in Bondage

Ill lean on the Lord cause he set me free

"Crazy Things to Me"

Written By: Corey Kirk

well Its been 30 hours and I cant stop thinking of you

I want to get my cellphone out, dial 555-8612

You call me first and my heart jumps I pick up and I hear you say

Can you come over tonight, I want to tell you bout my day

we sit together by the fireplace

when's the last time we cuddled up like this?

Was it at the lake on that starry night when I looked into your eyes

Or the b.b.q at your cousin drew's when we kissed on the fourth of July

I cant remember, can you help me out cause as far as I can see, you were always there doing crazy things to me

We said goodbye last night But now it feels like eternity

Stuck in the sands of time, im thinkin bout you and me.

Since we met my heart's been yours and we've been through so much

Like barking dogs and slamming doors Romantic nights when I feel your touch.

we've had such a good run,

When did I fall in love wth you?

night time comes, we start to drift asleep

your head laying on my chest so sweet.... just like


In Process.

Set List

Who am I?
American Dream
The King is Coming
There is a River
Midnight Cry
Search Me Lord
God Speaking
Into all the World
Let Freedom Ring
Amazing Grace

I'm Down on my Knees
My Lord (He is Alive)
I'll drink from the Spring of living water.