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Corey Nitschke

Sacramento, California, United States | SELF

Sacramento, California, United States | SELF
Band Christian Singer/Songwriter


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"Crooner jokes with coffee crowd..."

By: Jeff Kell
Issue date: 10/4/06 Section: Entertainment

Has Beans Internet Cafe & Galleria set the mood by attracting shady characters, a chess game and an animator. It was clearly going to be an interesting night when chess players started discussing medical marijuana and how it was "a business." It was 8 p.m., and the nightlife was just getting started.

I got offered a "joint from the rainforest" as I entered the shop.

The evening grew more intriguing as the duo Peech approached the stage, dimly lit by one red light. Chico State graduate Megan Osborn and her partner, Chelsea Dohemann, a Chico State music major, had no trouble bringing light to the scantly illuminated stage. Their music was a complementary opening for the evening's headliner, Corey Nitschke.

Nitschke described Peech's music as "alternative pop."

It was hard to categorize initially, but that about sums it up. Listening closely, I heard many similar chords falling somewhere between Anna Nalick and the Dixie Chicks. It was now time to live the "Corey Nitschke experience," as Nitschke calls it.

Nitschke was a character, with superb comedic timing and vocals to boot, holding the audience's undivided attention. His expressions were priceless as he sang about life experiences from the male perspective. One of his songs divulges the details of the rejection hotline and how he would treat his wife, if he had one. Nitschke had the crowd of about 25 in hysterics throughout his set.

Nitschke incorporated many other bands' lyrics into his music, satirizing each one. He opened fire on the band Hanson by singing a parody of the song "Mmm Bop." He inexplicably added the words "Ice, Ice Baby" in a song immediately following. By night's end, he had bashed Britney Spears, Hanson and many other bands.

For those 30 and under, Nitschke said, "I sound like John Mayer with humor." To those 31 and older, he said, "I sound like James Taylor with humor."

He had a reference point for every demographic in the crowd.

His charismatic presence made the show enjoyable for those of different generations.

"He definitely knows who his demographic is, but it doesn't take a music connoisseur to understand that his lyrics are a little cheesy," said John Demmer, a traveling musician from Boston. "It works, however, and is pleasing, even if it's not what I normally listen to."

Nitschke impressed everyone in the room, judging from the level of laughter and audience participation, which caused even the most preoccupied patrons to stray from their laptops. He asked the audience for a number between four and six, and it couldn't be five. They chose six. He then asked for a theme and an SAT word. Someone blurted out "beef jerky" and "lexicon," which was defined as an informal dictionary in a person's head.

After 15 seconds of stalling, he put together an impromptu song. Having no idea what the audience would give him, he incorporated the number, theme and word into his newest song.

The quintessential quote of the night came from Peech's Osborn, in an exchange between her and Nitschke.

"I wish that I had your stage presence," Osborn said.

But Nitschke's performing abilities are the result of meticulous honing and refinement.

"It took me a whole year, before I produced what I considered a hit," Nitschke said.

Corey Nitschke will be playing again at 8 p.m. Nov. 4 at Has Beans on Main Street.

Jeff Kell can be reached at - The Orion

"Singer comes back for more..."

Singer comes back for more
By: Lauren Zahner
Issue date: 4/11/06 Section: Diversions>>Music

Hailing from Sacramento, musician Corey Nitschke returns to the Central Coast for a performance at Backstage Pizza from 11 a.m. to noon.
Hailing from Sacramento, musician Corey Nitschke returns to the Central Coast for a performance at Backstage Pizza from 11 a.m. to noon.

After a record-setting attendance at his Backstage Pizza performance in January, Sacramento musician Corey Nitschke will be filling the pizza parlor with music again today from 11 a.m. to noon.

"He's got a great sound. He's great on the guitar - a lot of the guitar skill that Jack Johnson has, at least in my opinion," said Bryan Nay, a business senior who first met Nitschke in Chico. "His voice will just fill up a room and he's got a great range. You can just tell when you're at a show that he just loves what he's doing."

Nay said Nitschke's music appeals to a wide range of audiences, especially the "coffee house crowds" and people who like acoustic.

"Anybody who enjoys a little more comedic type of music will appreciate his sound," Nay said.

Nitschke is known for his upbeat original songs like "She Hates Me" and his deceivingly disguised cover songs.

"(The covers) really get people to laugh because they come out of left field," said Nay, explaining that Nitschke's cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is unrecognizable until the chorus.

Another of Nitschke's original comedic songs is "The Marriage Song."

"It's about my wife. I don't know who she is yet because I'm not married," Nitschke said.

Nitschke's concerts are mostly impromptu start to finish. He recently did a show for a largely English audience. When he introduced himself, he told them he was originally from England and everyone believed him.

"During a show there's a lot of humor, a lot of dry humor," he said. "And I always think the jokes that not everyone gets are the best."

During breaks at his shows, Nitschke likes to talk to people in the audience, to see how they are doing and try to "connect" with them. Sometimes he will purposely do a certain song based on how the audience is feeling.

"There's a definite rush that you get onstage. I'm wired for an hour after I get off-stage," he said. "You could say it's like a drug."

How did he get into the music business?

"I first got into music in general in the womb," he said. "When the doctor slapped me, instead of screaming I just sang."

It was not until high school, however, that Nitschke began writing music. He started by writing poetry for school, but found little encouragement.

"One of my biggest criticisms from my teachers was that I rhymed too much," he said.

With that, Nitschke decided that instead of becoming a poet, he would be a songwriter. His experience writing lyrics for the group Deep Red inspired him to learn guitar as well.

"I don't write songs from my personal experiences. I write them from other people's experiences. It's more fun that way," he said.

His influences include John Mayer, The Who, Eric Clapton and The Beatles. He said he wants people to enjoy the happier aspect of his songs.

"We're too serious," he said. "In life, people get so caught up in all the trivial things that don't matter and lightheartedness is not something that we really get into."

Nitschke will also be performing downtown at Frog and Peach tonight starting at 10 p.m.

"I love his music," Nay said. "It's contagious. I get addicted all the time." - Mustang Daily

"Songwriter's Guild Songwriting Contest (2004)"

1st Place - Wild Oak Records

"4th Annual Praise Day (2006)"

1st Place - Battle of the Bands - Great America

"Spirit West Coast (2006)"

Featured Performer - ACMS Stage

"Sacramento County Fair (2005)"

Featured Performer - Cal Expo

"Contra Costa County Fair (2006,2005)"

Featured Performer - Antioch

"Alameda County Fair (2005)"

Featured Performer - Pleasanton

"UC Davis Picnic Day (2005)"

Featured Performer - UC Davis


Horseshoes & Handgrenades (EP)
- Clear Music Records (2004)
still single after all these years (Single)
- Clear Music Records (2006)



Corey Nitschke has been amazing crowds in venues all over California since 1995 with his always entertaining style of acoustic-rock music. With influences ranging from Everclear to the Beatles, music fans of all ages will enjoy the sounds of Corey Nitschke. Corey doesn’t just sing; he performs. Onstage, Corey’s shows display incredible musical virtuosity and infectious rhythms while maintaining a dynamic and personable stage presence. He always makes the audience laugh with songs like “Rejection Hotline”, “The Marriage Song”, and covers of various classics like “Ice Ice Baby”. Performing dozens of songs about love, life, faith, and even Shakespeare, Corey’s songs convey the same passion and love of music that he brings to every show. Using his overwhelming vocal power combined with his happy-go-lucky sense of humor, he keeps the crowds engaged all night long. It’s clear from his attitude in front of the microphone that Corey’s there to have fun. His onstage persona adds another level of enthusiasm to his shows that can’t be missed.

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Corey has performed all over The Golden State, with regular performances in his hometown of Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Chico, as well as frequent tours to San Luis Obispo, L.A. and San Diego. Selling out of its first and second runs, his first EP release, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, hooked fans from track one with the powerful opening single Alone. In his follow-up release, “Still Single After All These Years”, Corey is poised to launch his career to new heights with songs like the crowd favorite “She Hates Me”. It’s clear from this album that Corey’s music is ever evolving. His vocals spill forth with a power rivaling Rob Thomas and are backed up by Jack Johnson-like guitar skills. The addition of percussion brings a more robust sound to this sophomore release.

Always a crowd pleaser, Corey is constantly touring in support of his music. The opportunity to pick up one of his great CDs and see a fantastic show is worth the price of admission anywhere.

Rock on.