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Coreysan is a mysterious, soulful, rootsy, bass driven musician who brings an entirely new flavour to the electronic scene. Steering clear of imposed genres, Coreysan describes his music as Electronic Caribbean Hybrid Music.


Coreysan is a mysterious, soulful, rootsy, bass driven musician who brings an entirely new flavour to the electronic scene. Steering clear of imposed genres, Coreysan describes his music as Electronic Caribbean Hybrid Music.
The powerfully spirited islands of Trinidad and Tobago that is his homeland brings a Caribbean sound that is combined exquisitely with driving electronic soundscapes, soulfully earthy bass work and the hauntingly ethereal Theremin.
Raspy, soothing vocals complement the music with a storyteller approach to his lyrical compositions, reminiscent of Calypso with a universal perspective. A deep love for eastern/old world music has further influenced Coreysan's style, giving the music a deeply spiritual sheen. 

The Bristol scene…
The Bristol music scene has long been a love for Coreysan, promoting his relocation to the city that put underground music on the map. Now that he has recently settled in Bristol, a place where musical contributions have greatly influenced his musical direction (Tricky, Massive Attack, Phaeleh, Portishead, Drum & Bass, Dubstep etc).
Coreysan has self released 2 full length albums in 2004 (Coreysan) and 2006 (Light and Shadow) from his homeland and a  6 song EP called  “In Transit” in October 2014 from his new home in Bristol.
In June 2015 a 5 song EP called "The Trance and The Dance" was released by Frillbeats Ltd, an independent record label based in Bristol in June 2015. 

His love for the Bristol sound has led Coreysan to collaborate with a variety of local musicians including:

: Winner of two Exposure Music 2010 Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Urban Song, Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran). Coreysan has appeared as a bassist and vocalist/lyricist on a number of his musical productions including Real Life featuring his cousin Ed Sheeran. 

: His second major Bristol/Trinidad collaboration was with Kristian Townsend who also manages Reel Me Records (Laid Blak, Alonestar, J Rokka, Seventhly etc) where they collaborated on 2 tracks featuring vocals and lyrics from Coreysan called “Slave of Time” and “Return to One”. The tracks were released in March 2013 and have been remixed by both Jon Kennedy and Dubspeeka. 

: Unreleased collaborative work with Bristol based “End of the Line” 

: Featured in the narration in the promo video for good friends and fellow musicians “Jus Now” (Sam Interface and LazaBeam) yet another Bristol based Trini/Bristol collaboration. Coreysan is also featured on Jus Now's "Cyar Help It" EP on the track called "Culture"

 :Featured on 3 tracks on the album "Satellite on" by Ink Project and is also performing live them as the lead singer, bassist and thereminist .
This album also features collaborative work with Fifi Rong along the band's core members Jeremy Lloyd (Blind Colour) and  Melanie Diamond

In his homeland and around the world
Coreysan is a pioneer of the live electronic music scene in his homeland being the first musician to bring a computer to the stage as an instrument with his band Atheleny (2001-2004) and then with his solo project Coreysan (2004 – present).

For over 29 years, Coreysan has been performing as a solo musician and as a bassist/vocalist with various bands which gave him the opportunity to tour and perform at major festivals and music showcases like South by South West (Texas, USA), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Womex Festival (Spain), Lincoln Centre (New York) and Womad Festival (UK, Australia and New Zealand) to name a few.


Someday Sometime (2004)

Written By: Coreysan

We have been harsh and unkind
Or are we just blind?
We are wasting our time
Love is not a question
Nor is it yours or mine

Someday sometime
We will see beauty is simplicity
Someday, sometime
True greatness is humbleness and emptiness
Someday, sometime (we will find)
The one we seek if we listen more than we speak.

Then we’ll understand that it’s futile to resist
Stop clenching your fist and open your hand

The Mystics (2004)

Written By: Coreysan

What have we become?
Distorted perceptions of what is real
Engulfed in illusion
The world ridicules the ways of the mystics
It looks like magic because we are becoming synthetic
And what was once natural seems supernatural
The mystics’ mission is always simple and spiritual

Walking on air, breathing underwater
Showing the sheep the way from the slaughter
They have been known to carry umbrellas
So where ever they go there is always shelter, undercover

Return to the hills and carry the tiger
Communicate with the forces of nature
In tune with the energy that could manifest in anyone
Their presence represents the equilibrium
The mystic can appear in anyone that seeks
It takes a little more than just belief

To walk on the wind and breathe underwater
To take the path away from the slaughter
Talk to the trees and dance in the fire
To know where ever you go there is always shelter, undercover

Access Denied (2006)

Written By: Coreysan

What is freedom if you don't decide? And what is choice if your hands are tied? Beyond the shackles and chains the world is wide Removed from pleasure and pain the world inside cannot be denied
Why do we always abuse the freedom to choose? And always have to loose to what we misuse? Cover it up and hide it away.
Keep it disguised Access is denied when you've never tried to open you eyes
See clearly now, the open door.
The one that has never been closed before See yourself in the sea of lies...
No more disguises The truth, to be wise is to open your eyes.....

Then the world is wide Access denied....
If you run and hide.....
So open your eyes

In Transit (2014)

Written By: Coreysan

The student and the master at the top of the hill
Where the wind was violent yet everything was still
The master said “Student, you must go down below”
“And leave this silence for there is much more to know.
About the city’s static frequency”

So the student went on a journey that took 21 days
Each one filled with lessons that helped along the way
Like a group of children playing hard in the sun
And the kind stranger who warned “Proceed with caution.”
“In static frequency look internally.”
“But most importantly, don’t fear changing!”

21 days later, ready to face the unknown.
But when the student did enter, heart almost turned into stone
Cause’ everyone moved in gridlock.
Mindless as if they were clones
Another stranger touched the student and said “You are not alone.”

“My friend witness the stagnancy of the static frequency
From your attire, I can tell that you are not of the city
Whoever your master is, was wise to send you to see
What happens exactly when you fear changing.”

“Oh Great Teacher, with love and respect I am filled!”
“Though everything here is violent, the wind is very still.”
“Yet I feel a silence that seems to strengthen my will”
Stranger said “You’ve found your answer, now return to the hill”

Now 7 days later back at the master’s door.
The student starts to wonder “I’m back here faster than before?”
“Because we all are in transit” The master said with a smile
“Change is the only constant we are who we are for a while”

Then the master went silent, shifting in and out of phase
And said “We are in transit beyond time and days”
Then the master whispered while vanishing from the student’s gaze
“You must avoid stagnation, so keep on changing”
Keep on changing….


2004 Coreysan (solo debut album)

2006 Light and Shadow

2014 In Transit (EP)

2015 The Trance and The Dance (EP)

Set List


Top of the Mountain - Someday Sometime - The Mystics - Access Denied - Searching In Transit - Bushmaster - Treasure (soon to be released) - The Trance and The Dance - If love was a secret - Mr. Sadness - Lullaby - Light and Shadow - Time (written with Ink Project) - Future Now (written with Ink Project)

Some Cover songs may include:

Hunter- Bjork
Blackstar - David Bowie
Relight the flame - Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the heart
Driving your girlfriend home - Morrisey