Corey Tucker

Corey Tucker

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Neosoul at it's best. Corey brings it to you, live! You see the influences of r n b, rock, soul, and funk come together creatively.


Corey Tucker performs. Not only do you hear his words, you feel his emotions. Corey sings from the only thing he knows to be true, his soul. Corey feels most comfortable with a soulful, rhythm and blues repertoire. “When I am creating my music, I reach within my soul and reveal what I hide on a day to day basis. Music is my self expression. Things I normally can’t express with regular words can be released through harmony.” The most overwhelming element about his music is the passion he sings with and the hair raising bumps on your body.

Corey moved to Cincinnati, Ohio with his family at the age of 5. One year later, he began performing at school and church; he then found the passion that would consume his life. He was in a new place where there was a racial divide. Music was his bridge to unify his community and all the shades of his friends. He truly has a gift that touches and inspires all people. This gave him the initiative to pursue music. He went on to win Best Male Vocalist in High School, which featured some of the countries top choirs. He has been performing at numerous showcases in Ohio, from The Taste of Cincinnati to local news Morning Show on Fox19, and leading worship to directing his church choir.

After releasing a self-produced demo that captured the hearts and ears of a broad audience, he realized the only thing holding him back from succeeding is nothing. He didn’t stop there; he has dropped one of the hottest albums which feature a vocal showcase of his God given abilities. “I promise you won’t forget the experience.”


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