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CoRic Music

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CoRic Music is a new production/songwriting/ arranging/ vocal producing team. If you need a hit single, you have come to the right place. We do it all R&B, Rap, Gospel, Hip Hop, Pop, Alternative and the list goes on. The music industry is about to experience a change that has been long overdue.


“This sounds like something you hear on the radio.” This is the most quoted statement we receive from listeners about our music. CoRic Music is an innovative production team that delivers originality, style, and diversity to music. We have a unique sound that has come from many years of crafting. We make hits it's that simple. If you need a hit single, you have come to the right place. CoRic Music has been collaboratively creating music for over five years. This team produces industry quality songs with production styles ranging from Gospel/Christian, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Contemporary, Urban, and Alternative we can do it all.

CoRic Music consists of a very creative team of producers, engineers, singers, arrangers and songwriters. Members include: Rick Parker, Corey “The Boss” Doss, Prentice “RES” Watson, Travis “Mr. Anderson” Anderson, and Yolanda “Yogi” Boyd. The members of CoRic Music have been raised around musicians their entire lives, and learned they possessed musical talent at a young age. Some members started playing live instruments in the church choir around the age of eleven and played in concert, marching and jazz band throughout their elementary, middle and high school careers. During their high school careers it was said that they “brought the life back to marching music.” Since those tender teen years each member has been developing an amazingly abundant repertoire of musical skills. They fluently play multiple instruments including bass, drums, saxophone, guitars, organs, keyboards and horns.

The talent of this team doesn’t stop with the creation of groundbreaking music. They also write songs, produce musical tracks, engineer, vocal produce, executive produce and play live inserts in addition to recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

As an annotation to the type of quality they bring to the table CoRic Music has established a long list of clients including playing or national artist records such as the Clark Sisters, Brent Jones, T.P. Mobb, and CoCo from SWV. CoRic Muisic is well known for its work on the local scene with production on albums such as “When Singers Meet” by Dewayne Woods, “Illusions” by RES and “Something Nu” by NuSkool. Other artist that they have worked with to name a few includes Roshelle Dye (American Idol finalist), Asa Barnes (American Idol finalist), Anthony Sanders, Stephanie Archer, Mike L of Event, and Kim Gridine.

CoRic Music delivers musically explosive production and believes in the fact that it only takes one person to hear their work to understand making music is what we do! The music industry is about to experience a change that has been long overdue.