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Corina's on the Irish top 40 charts again with her new single "Another Day." She can be heard on the Aer Lingus inflight pop music channel. She is featured in this month's "U" magazine, Star Magazine, and several Irish and English newspapers & played for the Irish President.


The 5 siblings have been honored to play at the
White House 3x, several times at Disney, at Radio
City, Lincoln Center, the Plaza Hotel, the Waldorf
& at festivals all over the US & Canada.
Our music is a mix of Celtic inspired Pop, adult
contemporary and dance.


Hugs & Kisses

Written By: Loretta Brouder

(written in memory of a friend who
died at the WTC and left behind a
wife and 3 children.)

My love, will fly, away with you
To where, you are, today.

For love, wont die,
It goes on and on..
Hearts together...

Chorus -
With thoughts of you,
I will live my life
I'll think of you
Every day and night...
I'll love you still,
When I join you in the light,
So Hugs and Kisses until then.

My hearts desire,
Is that one day we'll be
Again, as one family.

But until then, I promise you
That we'll go on,
As you would
Want us to.


Now life goes on,
Without you near
And I'll remember you
With endless love.



Feel For You & Hugs & Kisses released in Ireland
on April 16, 2004. #31 on Irish charts
Can't Help Fallin' - Released by Universal Music
Crossover in 2001.
Title track on Der Kleine Vampir European soundtrack cd.

Shades of Grey - Released by Universal Music
Crossover in 2000
"Gilbride" album -Released by Universal Music
Swept From the Sea - soundtrack cd released
by London Records - Corina was vocal soloist.
"Sibling Revelry" - Released in 1994 - Celtic album.

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