Corinna Herbertson

Corinna Herbertson


My band consists of one band member. Me. I would describe my music as unique, experimental, honest and emotionally exposing.


I began playing piano and singing when I was a young child (atleast 2), and would improvise songs and recreate other people's songs on the piano. I then started classical piano lessons when I was about 8, which continued for a following 6 years. My piano teacher Mrs Enklemayer (RIP) always knew that my technique was unique and rather than try to mould me into something that I wasn't, she embraced this. Through her, I flourished and learnt new skills which I am forever grateful for. I have been through many trials and tribulations and through my music I can express this. My songs make me vulnerable as they are deep, dark secrets that are exposed to others. Over time I have been critisized for playing by ear and not conforming to the world of musical theory, but I see it as more of a gift that I can share with the world. This allows me the freedom to play what I feel on the spot.


Wine and Serenades

Written By: Corinna Herbertson

I drank my coffee and hung up the phone,
Now I feel so very alone.
It used to be wine and serenades,
Now it feels like violence and hand grenades.
And it shoots right through my body like your love did,
Now I don't know where the hell to sit.
Do I get close to you? or do I leave some room?
I wanna reach out and touch you, but I can't move.
I loved you dirty, I love you so well,
But that was long ago and now it's feeling like hell.

I loved you so much and so much it hurt,
Why did I bother? Why does it hurt?
I wanna leave this place,
I wanna see your face,
You've moved on, I'm such a disgrace.
Lay me down and touch me so,
Oh where did this love go?
It used to be wine and serenades,
Now it feels like violence and hand grenades.
It's so wrong and yet its so right,
Oh our love, it was in sight.
You ruined everything,
you ruined my heart,
Now I don't know where to stop and where to start.

Calm me down,
Calm me down,
Calm me down,
Calm me down.

Set List

Making trouble
I'm wrong
Wine and Serenades
I'm better off...