Corinne Callen

Corinne Callen


"Her lovely vocal lines drew on classic melodic tropes that proved none the worse for wear in her capable hands…”


"With her sweet country-pop style, sunny blond tresses, and laid back stage presence, Callen evoked the specter of the lovelorn singer-songwriters who populated Los Angeles in the 1970s. Her lovely vocal lines drew on classic melodic tropes that proved none the worse for wear in her capable hands…" -CMJ Review: Corinne Callen and Gulf of Michigan, Article from MTV Iggy Blog

Corinne Callen moved from Tallahassee, Florida to New York City in the fall of 2004 to pursue her career in music. It seemed fitting to move north, regardless of her southern exposure, considering her family roots were from just outside of the city, and her own grandmother had graced many a New York City stage as a big band singer in the 1950s and '60s. Nonetheless, being born and raised in Polk County Florida (home to Gram Parsons) certainly fueled a taste for classic rock and alternative country inspired sounds, which continues to be the base of her musical influence.

Corinne played often during that time at local NYC establishments such as The Sidewalk Café (Anti-Hootenanny), CBGB's Gallery, Sine Bar, Parkside Lounge, Bar 13, and Pianos.

Eventually, she began collaborating with her cousin, Marco Argiro (The Killing Floor) and his longtime friend, Kenton Langstroth, in a retro-rock, power-pop group called The Mood. Now titled, Le Mood (including Brian Karp and Rob Draghi), the group has played nationally and internationally over the course of the past five years (CMJ 2007 & 2008, SxSW 2007, the "In the City Festival" Manchester, UK 2008, etc.) gaining much success and exposure in radio play, licensing opportunities (MTV, CMT, etc.), notable showcases, and production/engineering collaborations. 

After a series of self-released solo EPs (“A Case Kept Closed” 2005, “New Moons” 2007) and various musical collaborations including her involvement with Le Mood, Corinne began production on what was to become ”Blow the Cover” with her engineer friend and collaborator, Richard Maheux. They began the sessions in her Brooklyn apartment in the spring of 2009 eventually moving the sessions to 66 Rivington Studios on the Lower East Side Manhattan. Fellow Le Mood members, Kenton Langstroth (guitar) and Brian Karp (bass) soon joined her efforts in the recording process in addition to Karp's longtime friend, Rob Draghi on drums. They completed nine tracks over the course of the year with Richard Maheux as engineer and contributing produce

In April of 2010 Corinne and the band went into Avatar Studios to record three new tracks, including one written by guitar player Kenton Langstroth with engineer Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend). The tracks were completed and mixed by Justin at D.N.A. Studios NYC. "Blow the Cover", Corinne's first full-length release, combines these two studio projects. The album was mastered at The Lodge NYC by Joe La Porta (Beach House), and self-released in November 2010.

Over the course of her life and musical opportunities, Corinne has been finding her own unique sound, which explores rock (60s, 70s, 90s), folk, alternative, indie, retro-pop, new wave, country, and blues music. Corinne often gets a reference for a "west-coast '70s sound". The title track "Blow the Cover" was written on a vintage ukulele that her father purchased for her on a whim at a Winter Haven antique shop. She is constantly inspired to learn new instruments that take her writing perspective to new levels. The track was featured on Stylecaster’s “Model Meets Nature: Behind the Scenes” Fall Fashion Editorial. Other album tracks were featured on “Women Lead the World” and “Her Pet Peeves” games for the Iphone, as well as on NBC’s Thread’s “Ultimate Fashion Week Playlist “ for Ann Yee’s Spring 2010 collection show. On October 21, 2010, Corinne was part of a chorus/glockenspiel ensemble that accompanied Grammy winning artists Ok Go at the Guggenheim Museum during the globally streamed YouTube Plays Biennial Award show.

Corinne now lives primarily in East Nashville, TN and is currently focusing her efforts on her new band American Dream ( Corinne and her solo band continue to perform between American Dream shows, and have plans to record new material in the future.


"New Moons" EP copyright 2008 BMI.
"Blow the Cover" LP copyright BMI 2010 Powder Keg Rock Publishing.

Corinne Callen "When Day Breaks" Video by: Leontrackstar 2008

Set List

"Last Day"
"Obstacles at Sea"
"Hangin' On"
"When Day Breaks"
"New Moons"
"Tragedy Repeats"
"Fighting Lines"
"Something Always Gets in the Way"
"Break Out"
"Blow the Cover"
"California's Reel"
"Love Is"