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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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"Corinne Chapman: Dirty Pretty Things"

According to her myspace page, Corinne Chapman studied political science at Stanford, but chose to come to Nashville after graduation to pursue a musical career. After listening to Dirty Pretty Things, I’m thinking she made the right choice.

The six song EP begins with a powerful country pop song titled, “Mine.” She got me
right away with the lyrics, “Too many times, a person’s past can be the vice that holds them back.” This is a fantastic song about staying true to your roots while working towards your dreams, and with her energy and powerful voice, it’s one of those opening songs on a disc that makes it difficult to refrain from pushing repeat.

Although “Mine” is a personal favorite, there are other songs that are as just as good. “Be Good to Me” is a wonderful warning to any potential man thinking he can take advantage. “I can make the sun burn brighter,” she sings, “I can make a heart feel cold.” It’s not sassy or playful; she means it. In the same vein, “Alone,” a song about abandonment, is scathing and full of pain, but there’s a lot of strength in not only Corinne’s voice, but her songwriting.

“Paper Doll” is a great song about not being some guy’s puppet. “Never would have imagined/That this is where I’d be/Fabricating roles just to be your fantasy/Well, that’s not me/I’m not cut out for what you need.” Brilliantly written lyrics supported by an upbeat, toe-tapping tempo; this song was a very close second for me.

“Weeds,” the closing song on the album, has been used by Crocs shoes for their “Crocs Cares” campaign, providing shoes to people needing footwear, mainly in third world countries. “I won’t sit around and talk about/Waiting on the world to change,” Corinne vows. Wanting to push past blame in politics and easy answers, she takes initiative and responsibility by wanting to take down fences and getting to know people and their needs. The words, “Let love spread like weeds,” seems to be a challenge to us all; one we are all capable of but so few of us willing to put into action.

Corinne Chapman is a singer/songwriter who can’t be pigeonholed in the pop/country/folk categories because she embodies them all. Dirty Pretty Things is well-written and wonderfully delivered and easily one of the better collections of music that I’ve reviewed outside of the Christian genre in quite awhile. This is an album you need to hear.

Please visit for more information. Her music can be found
on iTunes. - Relate Mag

"Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things"

Corinne Chapman grew up in the rural Twin Peaks community of the Southern California Mountains with her mother, father and two brothers. Her father played Marty Robbins while her mother introduced her to great poets and authors. Corinne, according to her mother, actually started singing her own tunes while still in the crib. At the age of eight, she started taking guitar and vocal lessons and later joined singing groups that traveled around Southern California. She was a member of several dance teams throughout high school and college, traveled and studied in France, and is a graduate of Stanford University. At the end of her Stanford career, she packed up a few belongings and moved to Nashville Tennessee to pursue her music career.

Over the past seven years, Corinne has developed relationships with many people in the music business. Chapman’s music is described as Country, Americana and Folk Rock. On Sept. 7, 2010, Corinne released a new EP, Dirty Pretty Things and says, “I strive to make my songs strong and intelligent” she says. “But most of all, I want my songs to be reflections of life, portals into the moments we crave and fear.” “Mine” tells of a couple that meets, marries, grows and will die in the same town but their daughter is a free person and loves chasing life, with “the will to keep burning full speed” while “Paper Doll” sings the same anthem of freedom, it is of a relationship where the girl won’t be the puppet or paper doll anymore. Great substance and great play on words.

I recommend everyone give a listen, she is a great talent. She has created quite a stir with the EP that shows the clear, rich voice and great talent this young lady has. The sixth and final track on Dirty Pretty Things, “Weeds,” was recently commissioned for use by Crocs shoes in their worldwide video for a campaign called “Crocs Cares.” The program is one that provides shoes to millions of people who are in need of footwear, mainly in third world countries.

For more information, visit

Corinne Chapman

Dirty Pretty Things

1. Mine

2. Be Good To Me

3. Dirty Pretty Things

4. Alone

5. Paper Doll

6. Weeds - Digital Rodeo

"Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things"

Style : Country
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Hippie rock (Folk Rock) and Classic Country are combined on this new album of Nashville Based singer-songwriter Corinne Chapman. For many roots lovers Nashville is not the Mecca of music anymore and they are damn right on many occasions! However for this “Dirty Pretty Things”, you have to think twice cause Corinne Chapman is one of those artists who manages to combine the best of the past and the future into something exciting new and fresh.

With only six songs on this album, you can hardly say this is a full length album, but In all honestly it is better to bring six appealing and interesting tunes instead of filling an album with some extra sometimes dull or boring tracks. Leading song “Mine” sets the atmosphere for the album where Corinne her voice comes out strong above an edgy guitar. On the title track “Dirty Pretty Things” Chapman goes a bit deeper into the country sound. Produced by Ken Coomer ( Wilco, Uncle Tupelo) the album sure comes with a sound and atmosphere that is best described as Alt. Country, something that is expressed even more in “Alone”.

Dirty Pretty Things is the first release for Corinne Chapman in over five years. I truly hope that we won’t have to wait for another five years for a follow up album, but even if it would take that long I willing to wait five years for this lady. - Billy Bop

"Music Matters"


Corinne Chapman released, Dirty Pretty Things (self released), a 6 song effort incorporating Folk, Rock and Country that some are calling "Hippie Rock." It is her song that is in the "Crocs Cares" ad campaign that is running worldwide. Crocs are given away by the millions in third world countries. Corinne is a singer/songwriter going big stage with Dirty Pretty Things.
- Planet Weekly

"Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things"

Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things
2010, Corinne Chapman

You're about to wonder where Corinne Chapman has been all your life. Blending a smooth and powerful country/folk voice with a compelling story-teller's style, Chapman charms you from the opening notes of her latest release, Dirty Pretty Things. Growing up in a house where her dad listened to classic country and her mom to "hippie rock", Chapman took those influences to heart and plays a style that is distinct from either but fully informed by both. Dirty Pretty Things is Chapman's first album in five years, and the first with producer Ken Croomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo).

Dirty Pretty Things opens with "Mine", a pop/country autobiographical about a small-time girl who yearns for a wider horizon. Chapman acknowledges a love of home and parents but simply doesn't see her path staying in a small town. This song has an infectious chorus that will stick with you, and Chapman has a voice full of color and character that is memorable. "Be Good To Me" is a solid pop/country ballad; a bit bland but a solid album track. "Dirty Pretty Things" is an earthy anthem for those who recognize that true beauty isn't always seen on the first glance. "Alone" is a kiss off tune to a boyfriend who left her brokenhearted and then tried to weasel his way back in. Chapman captures the mixture of anger and self-assurance perfectly here.

"Paper Doll" is a country-rock hybrid with anthem potential; a song of self-assurance that declares Chapman won't be dominated or changed by a man. Chapman mixes a classic sound with a strong message that manages to sound like a positive affirmation of self rather than angry rant or song of revenge. Dirty Pretty Things closes with "Weeds", a modern take on the hippie worldview that grew out of the 1960's. Chapman indicates respect for the ideas of the generation even if she doesn't always like their ways. It's a nice, positive turn with a folk/country feel.

Corinne Chapman has a distinctive voice and style that draws from folk and country roots and stamps it with a modern singer/songwriter pastiche. Chapman deals in a brand of comfortable honesty on Dirty Pretty Things, like she's telling stories to an old friend. Dirty Pretty Things is charmingly real, and Corinne Chapman has the makings of a great performer and songwriter.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Corinne Chapman at or Dirty Pretty Things is available from as a CD or Download. The EP is also available via iTunes. - Wildy's World

"Music Reviews"

Pretty Things” (self-released) ???1/2
— Country singer/songwriter Corinne
Chapman has paid her dues. She’s been
kicking around Nashville for the better
part of a decade and, through no fault
of her own, remains on the fringe of
mainstream success. Her latest effort,
the enjoyable EP “Dirty Pretty Things,” should help raise
her profile.
The six-track release is uniformly strong and should
appeal to most contemporary country fans. The two best
tracks, “Mine” and “Weeds,” bookend the album, with the
latter having been commissioned by Crocs shoes for their
“Crocs Cares” campaign. Additional keepers include the
title track and “Paper Doll.” Here’s hoping big things are
in store for this talented young artist. (JS) - In Tune

"Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things"

In today’s Country Music world, you need to be able to run the gamut from a stylistic point of view. California-bred Corinne Chapman definitely has that talent, as evidenced on this mini album. The six tracks all offer something a little bit different from the previous track, and that is something you don’t hear of much these days.

On the opening cut, “Mine,” she takes somewhat of an outlaw country stance, sounding a little bit like Miranda Lambert. It’s a sound that works well for her, but she doesn’t stay there. Instead, she them moves into the romantic side, scoring with the sensual “Be Good To Me,” which is a good fit for her voice.

She strikes a California sound on the Deana Carter-ish “Alone,” which benefits from having one of the most deadly choruses I have heard in some time. If promoted properly, it should be a hit. She stays in that vein with the 60s ish philosophy of “Weeds.” She also delves into a little Bluegrass with the title cut, which despite the suggestive title, is a lot more innocent than you might think. One never knows what is going to make an impact with the listening public, but don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more out of Corinne Chapman. She’s got the total package, and deserves to be heard!

For more about Corinne or to buy this CD, visit
- Music News Nashville

"Contest: CD Giveaway - Corinne Chapman, "Dirty Pretty Things" EP"

For Corinne Chapman, growing up in the rural Twin Peaks community of the Southern California Mountains provided all the country influence she would need with a healthy dose of Marty Robbins on the stereo.

At Stanford University, she participated in the arts through dance, acting, and singing. She has always remarked when asked why she majored in political science instead of music, “If you can tell me the difference between entertainers and politicians, I may consider a change.”

Dirty Pretty Things is her current EP filled with strong, down-to-earth country tunes. As she continues to improve her songwriting, she strives to show “reflections of life, portals into the moment we crave and fear—visceral, cleansing, alive, and full of hope and love.”

- The Trades

"Corinne Chapman - Dirty Pretty Things"

When countrysinger CC from N launched her debut album, a lot of people, active in this genre, raised their head. She was called a discovery en many predicted a great carriere in the countryscene. Her clear and mature voice became her most imported trademark.

Still, it seems crisis also hit the music industry because untill today she did not bring out a second 'complete' studioalbum, so for now we will have to do with 'DTP', the album with 6 songs she composed herself.

In this handful of songs, CC mingles fold with rock and country to a sound that fits her perfectly. Her songs have content and her texts are thought true en meaningful.
In these songs she looks back on personal experience and some major moments of change in her young life.

De overruling Nashvill sound and the typical accent are strongly there present in all 6 songs. Countryrocker “Mine”, ballad “Be Good To Me” and titeltrack “Dirty Pretty Things” stay nicely inside the 'lines/ borderes' of the traditional countrygenre, only in the song 'Alone' you find an intermezzo of a 'supersharp' guitarsolo you would rather expect from hardrockbands.
The final song Weeds' was recently used for a worldwide publicity campaign for the famous Crocs - shoes that aim to help 'poor' (here ment in the following way: people with poor chances in love) people to wear healthy shoes. (?)

Producer KC delivers a great disk and hopefully this way singer-songwriter CC will soon have a chance to make another complete album.
- Rootstime

"Toby Keith, Randy Houser Lead New Music Playlist"

Toby Keith and Randy Houser look like tough guys, but if you dig far enough into their new albums, you'll find a softer side. Keith's "In a Couple of Days" gently describes an unexpected breakup, while Houser's "Here With Me" offers a romantic perspective from a lonely man. Meanwhile, Tony Joe White delivers his signature groove on "Season Man" from his latest album, Shine, and the Doobie Brothers shine on "A Brighter Day." I've also added a dozen highlights from a tall stack of new indie albums, so perhaps this playlist can help you unearth some new, roots-oriented music.

"In a Couple of Days," Toby Keith
"Here With Me," Randy Houser
"Season Man," Tony Joe White
"A Brighter Day," Doobie Brothers
"Water and Wood," Natasha Borzilova
"Hey Now," Luke Doucet and the White Falcon
"Run Dogs Run," The Giving Tree Band
"Pictures of the Highway," Marc Black
"Hey Doll," Fabulous Ginn Sisters
"All Night," Kyle Park
"Honky Tonk Merry Go Round," The Lucky Tomblin Band
"Till It Shines," Rain Perry
"Church Street," Bob Rea
"Lookin' at Lucky," Trout Fishing in America
"Mine," Corinne Chapman
"Make It Rain," Joe Cassady - CMT

"Hit List"

Pretty Things
Finally, someone who effectively
bridges the gap between
traditional and modern
country. Chapman makes great
melodies and the disc is a treat
for lovers of extra-twangy
country electric guitar. – RA - Vintage Guitar - Mar 2011

"Little Big Town, Zac Brown, and Corinne Chapman jam at Adrian College"

...The concert actually opened with a set by Corinne Chapman, a young singer out of Nashville who won the opportunity to play at this concert in a competition held by Little Big Town. Chapman is a promising talent who had a nice mix of tunes in her set; her rather edgier country sound is just the sort of thing you’d put on your car stereo and crank up while you’re on a road trip... - Adrian Daily Telegram

"Clarksville TN 2008 Riverfest Entertainment Committee Chairman"

"Corinne Chapman was a pleasure to work with and she put on a GREAT show.
I can only hope that she would consider performing at Riverfest again in the
Future." - Charlie Coon

"Arkansas RiverFest Executive Sponsor"

"Corinne Chapman, one of the best new artists we booked this year at RiverFest, will be a superstar in Country Music. We're so proud to have had her here on
our stages." - Judy Tennenbaum

"Jeff Styles-Talent Coordinator-Riverbend 2008"

"Corinne not only put on a great show when she was brought on stage, she went above and beyond by helping us promote the event with an informal 'unplugged' peformance at a local eatery to help build bridges within a community that's not always pleased with the crowds and noise we bring in. She's talented, the crowd loves her, and that smile doesn't hurt, either."

- The Chattanoogan

"Booking Manager at The Swallow At The Hollow in Roswell, Georgia"

"I have an easy motto that usually keeps our audience happy, and that is "stick with the pros." When Corinne plays The Swallow At The Hollow we get multiple emails the next week wanting her back. She's as friendly as she is talented and defines for us what professionalism in the music biz is all about. She's the "next big thing" and we are proud to be a part of her rise in popularity. I book her as often as I can." - Wil Hodge

"Secrets of the Heart"

“Recently, out of hundreds of choices, Corinne Chapman was selected to perform on the “Rising Star” segment of one of our Secrets of the Heart national television pilots. As always, she captivated the audience. I believe Corinne Chapman has a great career ahead of her, as a hit songwriter, recording artist, and who knows, she’s beautiful on the big screen too. We wish her great success.” - Will Mitchell

"Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN"

“With all the singer/songwriters I see on a regular basis I can get a little jaded sometimes, but not when Corinne is on stage. She's so warm and genuine and full of life that I am completely drawn in by her. The strong songs and great
voice don't hurt either.” - Barbara Cloyd, Booking Manager


"Dirty Pretty Things" 2010

Corinne Chapman 2007

"Just Drive"-JoDee Messina: written by Corinne Chapman & Clay Mills

"Wondering" (Canadian Single)-Shanna Lynn: written by Corinne Chapman, Brian Maher, & Ford Turrell

"Unguarded" and "Nothing"- Georgia Rain:written by Corinne Chapman & Clay Mills

"What I See"-Michelle Wright: written by Corinne Chapman, Sarah Majors & Michelle Wright



Corinne Chapman grew up in the rural Twin Peaks community of the Southern California Mountains with her mother Sharon, father David, and two brothers, Kurt and Scott. Her father, a PE teacher, provided the country influence, playing his all-time favorite Marty Robbins any chance he could get. Her mother, a college professor, exposed her to great poets and authors. Her brothers, too, were a big influence. They were both athletes and in her words, “they taught me to stand up for myself, to blend body and intellect, to be strong.”

Her mother says, “In the crib, she rarely cried; she lifted her voice, making up her own little tunes.” At eight, she was a competitive gymnast when she started taking guitar and vocal lessons. In junior high, she joined a singing group in which she traveled throughout Southern California performing at fairs, clubs, and for celebrities such as Merv Griffin. In high school while playing volleyball and running track, she was a member of many dance teams. At the age of seventeen, Corinne served as a page for the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. That summer she flew to France where she lived with a French family. These experiences taught her something about performance far beyond the stage: diplomacy.

Each year of her college experience at Stanford University she became a more confident performer. She joined an a cappella group her Freshman year, danced in front of thousands of people as a member of an elite dance squad of the Stanford Marching Band as a Sophomore, was the lead actress and soloist of the biggest campus dramatic event and returned to Paris to study during her Junior year, and worked as a tour guide while finishing her Senior year. At the end of her Stanford career, her advisor smiled and laughed when he announced that Corinne would be moving to Nashville to pursue her musical career. Corinne had always remarked when asked why she majored in political science instead of music, “If you can tell me the difference between entertainers and politicians, I may consider a change.”

So she packed up her clothes and few belongings and moved to Nashville where she knew only one person to “find her own way.” Over the past seven years, she has developed relationships with many well known, successful writers, musicians, and producers who have become friends and mentors. “Just Drive” written by Corinne and co-writer Clay Mills will be featured on the upcoming JoDee Messina EP, “Unmistakable: Drive.” She opened for legendary Don Williams, Montgomery Gentry, Jason Aldean, and Little Big Town among others. She is featured on the PBS show “Legends and Lyrics” as the up and coming artist. She has played for the troops in the Middle East. She finished taping the pilot for a new kid’s show, “Karpool Kids” and is working on a few other national commercials. She has played at many very well known and prominent music festivals including Riverfest in Little Rock, Riverbend in Chattanooga, The Minnesota State Fair in Saint Paul and many more.

On Sept. 7, 2010, Corinne will be releasing a new EP, “Dirty Pretty Things.” She is currently working with producer Ken Coomer of Wilco fame. One of the tracks, “Weeds” will be used in the worldwide Crocs Cares video for their charitable foundation.

Like everything, something of worth takes time to develop. She continues to work on her craft, knowing that she has a family of believers and the talent and wit to do it. She works to make her songs strong and intelligent, but most of all, “reflections of life, portals into the moment we crave and fear—visceral, cleansing, alive, and full of hope and love.”