Corinne Chapman

Corinne Chapman

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

A flare of folky CA country that echoes the reverence, tenderness, and power of a woman whose rich experiences and core beliefs permeate thoughtful lyrics. She's had songs recorded by JoDee Messina, is the host of the upcoming kid's series "Karpool Kids" and featured on "Lyrics & Legends" on PBS.


Corinne Chapman grew up in the rural Twin Peaks community of the Southern California Mountains with her mother Sharon, father David, and two brothers, Kurt and Scott. Her father, a PE teacher, provided the country influence, playing his all-time favorite Marty Robbins any chance he could get. Her mother, a college professor, exposed her to great poets and authors. Her brothers, too, were a big influence. They were both athletes and in her words, “they taught me to stand up for myself, to blend body and intellect, to be strong.”

Her mother says, “In the crib, she rarely cried; she lifted her voice, making up her own little tunes.” At eight, she was a competitive gymnast when she started taking guitar and vocal lessons. In junior high, she joined a singing group in which she traveled throughout Southern California performing at fairs, clubs, and for celebrities such as Merv Griffin. In high school while playing volleyball and running track, she was a member of many dance teams. At the age of seventeen, Corinne served as a page for the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. That summer she flew to France where she lived with a French family. These experiences taught her something about performance far beyond the stage: diplomacy.

Each year of her college experience at Stanford University she became a more confident performer. She joined an a cappella group her Freshman year, danced in front of thousands of people as a member of an elite dance squad of the Stanford Marching Band as a Sophomore, was the lead actress and soloist of the biggest campus dramatic event and returned to Paris to study during her Junior year, and worked as a tour guide while finishing her Senior year. At the end of her Stanford career, her advisor smiled and laughed when he announced that Corinne would be moving to Nashville to pursue her musical career. Corinne had always remarked when asked why she majored in political science instead of music, “If you can tell me the difference between entertainers and politicians, I may consider a change.”

So she packed up her clothes and few belongings and moved to Nashville where she knew only one person to “find her own way.” Over the past seven years, she has developed relationships with many well known, successful writers, musicians, and producers who have become friends and mentors. “Just Drive” written by Corinne and co-writer Clay Mills will be featured on the upcoming JoDee Messina EP, “Unmistakable: Drive.” She opened for legendary Don Williams, Montgomery Gentry, Jason Aldean, and Little Big Town among others. She is featured on the PBS show “Legends and Lyrics” as the up and coming artist. She has played for the troops in the Middle East. She finished taping the pilot for a new kid’s show, “Karpool Kids” and is working on a few other national commercials. She has played at many very well known and prominent music festivals including Riverfest in Little Rock, Riverbend in Chattanooga, The Minnesota State Fair in Saint Paul and many more.

On Sept. 7, 2010, Corinne will be releasing a new EP, “Dirty Pretty Things.” She is currently working with producer Ken Coomer of Wilco fame. One of the tracks, “Weeds” will be used in the worldwide Crocs Cares video for their charitable foundation.

Like everything, something of worth takes time to develop. She continues to work on her craft, knowing that she has a family of believers and the talent and wit to do it. She works to make her songs strong and intelligent, but most of all, “reflections of life, portals into the moment we crave and fear—visceral, cleansing, alive, and full of hope and love.”


"Dirty Pretty Things" 2010

Corinne Chapman 2007

"Just Drive"-JoDee Messina: written by Corinne Chapman & Clay Mills

"Wondering" (Canadian Single)-Shanna Lynn: written by Corinne Chapman, Brian Maher, & Ford Turrell

"Unguarded" and "Nothing"- Georgia Rain:written by Corinne Chapman & Clay Mills

"What I See"-Michelle Wright: written by Corinne Chapman, Sarah Majors & Michelle Wright

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