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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Corita @ Death By Audio, 2011"

I’m all about women being fierce without losing an ounce of their femininity. That’s why I was so fortunate to witness the ladies (and one gent) of the Brooklyn-based band Corita freakin’ rock the house last night at Death by Audio. I got flashes of Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney, but, i’ll end the comparisons there as they have their own shoegaze/ethereal sound going on! They’re playing next at the NYC Popfest in May, which promises to be totally rad as The Wake will be headlining.

- Wunderfemme

"Corita 04.02.11 @ Fontana's NYC"

I admittedly had never heard of Corita Kent when I first booked Corita the band for a show here back in '09. I just thought they had a cool name, were friends with our bartender Zoe, and listed all-time greats The Raincoats as influences all of which are more than good enough for me (there's also more than a hint of the amazing Caulfield Sisters in there too for good measure). After seeing them this last time, especially in the light of how they've honed their dreamy pop goodness, the total spectrum of how Corita Kent Technicolor pastel imagery fits in and just clicks. Some bands are born out of time and place and it's truly too bad that they weren't around in the 4AD heyday of 80's gloomy England as they would have fit right in. That being said, what's old is new again and there's definitely always a place for good hypnotic songs to lose yourself in.

- Gimme Shutter


Memento Mori EP - 2011
Act So Fake (single) - 2011



Brooklyn-based Corita delivers the shimmery guitars of UK shoegaze, the jangly melodies of C86, creeping angular post-punk rhythms, and overdriven choruses that hark back to 1990s indie rock overlaid with three-girl vocal harmonies. On the 2011 EP Memento Mori, Corita explores the hazards of late capitalism, cinematic European daydreams, animal friends, and human enemies. Named for the visual artist, and former nun, Sister Corita Kent, the band has been an active participant in Brooklyn’s vibrant independent rock scene for the past three years. The songs are a vision shared by four experienced musicians. Guitarist and vocalist Marisha Chinsky found her sound as the leader of the cult-favorite indie-pop group The Consultants, while drummer Nick Cearlock honed his skills in the Pacific Northwest punk scene of the 1990s. Bassist and vocalist Aileen Brophy delivers an encyclopedic knowledge of post-punk sounds, and guitarist and vocalist Eleanor Whitney brings a love of angular melodies and syncopated rhythms from her training as a jazz musician. As a band Corita is the shared vision of four close friends who imagine music as a conduit to a more fulfilling everyday reality.