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"CORI YARCKIN - The Girl's Got Rhythm"

The Girl’s Got Rhythm
(Reprinted from Connections Magazine – 7/04)

With her sweet seduction and pop-rock sound, singer/ Cori Yarckin is entertaining both teen and mature audiences across the country. With lots of singing, dancing and acting gigs already to her credit, Cori songwriter has been involved in the industry from the time she was a child. In her childhood years, Cori landed her first role in a local stage production of Oliver, followed by a featured role in The King and I. She mad her first television appearance in the next year, dancing in the Disney Channel special, Sebastian’s Caribbean Jamboree. She then spent two years with the Orlando Opera Company.

Currently in her junior year at UCF, Cori was originally born in Delaware and raided in Orlando. Her more recent achievements include an acting role as Camile in the Nickelodeon series, Noah Knows Best, playing the self-absorbed best friend of Noah’s sister, Megan. “I really enjoyed playing Camille,” Cori says, “because she is crazy and I could stretch my acting wings.”

Some of Cori’s other endeavors have been commercials for Truth – the anti-tobacco campaign targeted to young people. She was also a featured artist for the Seventeen Magazine 2002 Rock your Prom Tour” and the “Back to School Tour” in major markets from coast to coast.

While continuing to accept film, television and commercial roles to further hone her performance skills, it’s Cori’s love of music and performing it live that is her main passion. “I would love to be a recording artist, just for the simple fact that I’ll have so many opportunities to perform live, which is my first love,” she revealed. “It’s amazing to be able to connect with people in a more personal way, by sharing intimate emotions through the music.”

Cori has written with songwriters like Trey Bruce, Randy Cantor, Jodi Marr, Jerome Brailey, Malcolm Springer, Andrew Thomas Lane, Jan Smith, Melissa Mattey and Tony High. One of her singles, “La Di Da,” was added to the playlist of WAZU-FM in Indiana and The Vibe 98.9 on Grand Cayman Island. Cori’s later single, “Sensational,” has commitments from WAZY and WXCV in Florida for spins.

On the surface, it might appear that Cori has had the deck of cards stacked in her favor all this time. But a closer look reveals the challenges she has and continues to face, just like any other artist. One such challenge was a recent LiveWire show at Hard Rock Live. By now, virtually every local band is aware of how the turnouts have dropped since the mega-venue instated its current age 18 & up policy for the local band nights. It shouldn’t be hard to understand the logic of HRL’s current policy and the venue deserves props for even continuing to support local bands at all. But even some of the top-drawing local bands haven’t been faring too well there without the kids.

So imagine our surprise when we saw a nearly full floor as we propped into HRL to catch a LiveWire show on a Wednesday night. Being a Wednesday (a tough night to get people out), we were expecting a turnout of maybe 100 or so. We walked in during band changeover, wondering who was on the other side of the curtain defying the odds of a weak turnout. The lights wend down, the curtain rose, and Cori and her band took command of the big stage. Granted, the other bands that night could’ve contributed to the overall turnout, but Cori appeared to get lots of love from the crowd wit her stunning performance. She definitely did something right.

“It really was a great turn out,” said Cori. “I was so excited… really. It’s such a different feeling to do a show when people are there to actually see you. As far as getting people there goes… we (me, my manager, my mom, the band, etc.) all really busted our butts trying to promote it and pass out tickets. Besides having all my friends from UCF come out, I did things like having all of my girls that work at restaurants pass out tickets to their customers, put tickets in music stores, passed out tickets everywhere we went, etc. My mom went to the hospital and gave all the nurses and people who don’t usually get to go out tickets… things like that.”

Some of Cori’s influences include Gwen Stephani, Madonna, Pink, Aerosmith, Shakira and Alanis Morrisette, among others. Growing up as a dancer, she was exposed to all sorts of music all the time, ranging from Broadway all the way to Metallica and Anni Defranco. During her performance at HRL, it was interesting to note Cori’s rendition of Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat.” “Janet definitely is someone who I look up to as a performer,” said Cori. “She’s such an incredible entertainer and I’ve definitely been influenced by that.”

Back to the subject of challenges, just about any female artist will attest to the unique hurdles that women face in a largely male-dominated industry – and Cori is no exception. “There are definitely challenges that I, as a female, go through,” Cori ver - Connection Magazine - 07/04


"Ringing in my Head" was released in April 2005.



Featured in Grammy, the magazine for NARAS, 1st quarter 2007.

Bursting onto the music scene with her uncompromising debut album Ringing in My Head, Orlando native Cori Yarckin has defined herself as an engagingly original artist in an age of cookie cutter pop clones. Her propulsive songcraft blends confessional lyrics with modern rock attitude and sharp pop melodies, offering a radio-ready sound that is often compared to a modern day Pat Benatar. On record, or through her breathtaking live show, Cori Yarckin soars with passion and intensity of a young artist set to leave her mark on music fans in need of a fresh voice.

As Cori’s fans will assure you, however, the album is only half the story—as her live show is an experience all its own. Performing nationally with her 4-piece rock band, Cori’s command of her talent shines brightest in person, complimenting the exuberance of her music with an infectious stage presence and blinding energy. Cori Yarckin is excited about what the future holds in store as she prepares to share her music with an ever-growing fanbase.