Corky McClellan

Corky McClellan

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Family Music - Children's music that Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas can enjoy too. It's music that invokes a laugh, a smile, and a memorable tune.


Having been influenced by Raffi and inspired by his own children, Corky began creating a collection of songs referred to as 'Audio Scrapbook' in late 2003. This collection of songs has grown with every memory and comes from true life stories.

Built to invoke a laugh, a smile, and a happy tune that won't leave you easily, all the songs have a positive message.

Having performed at children's museums, preschools, private parties and festivals, every family is left with a song that may have hit close to home.

Two of Corky's songs were awarded as a finalist in the 2005 North Carolina Songwriters Association's annual songwriting contest.

Set List

When I Grow Up
Spaceship Jungle
Rainy Day
Say Something Nice Today
Little Less Xmas
The World of Make Believe
She's An Angel
The Wooden Toy
Zydeco In The Snow
The Sunshine Song
Ol'Mac Diggity Dog

Covers: All covers are acoustically driven. I have an extensive list and can take requests with time to learn the songs.