Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Corleone, a four-piece soul-trance band based in Nashville, TN, has been making a huge splash with audiences all around the Southeast. Their sound is dub/trance with a rock/soul layering used to create a distinct and deep feeling sound that pulsates through the souls of their audiences.


In a day where music has become an overproduced institutionalized rendition of past creative genius, a breath of fresh air comes in the form of Corleone. Unsigned hype coming out of Nashville with an innovative soul-trance sound that caters to music fans from all walks, Corleone is a constantly evolving musical enterprise that you cannot only hear but feel. Like it or not, Corleone has an undeniable originality that is impossible to replicate. If you are uncertain when it comes to lengthy improvisational jams, fear not, this band can play all night while keeping the dance floor bangin� harder than the apocalypse at the Apollo. From the drum and bass break-dance scene of underground Atlanta, to the snake charmers tone of the Middle East; from the heart beat of Africa, to the south of the border sensual flamenco melodies, Corleone takes an open approach to musical style while staying true to their southern soul drenched roots.

Beaumont Drexl
Casablanca Enterprise, proud member & affiliate of the Corleone Dynasty

"These guys are a perfect gift for the late-night, hard working. They can play like mother-truckers for hours straight!"
-Ben Lee-
Owner of Golden Squid Entertainment


EP: Corleone: Corleone (Sunday Morning comming Up Music Publishing BMI) 2006

Set List

Set lengths vary as to the event, but a typical set include 8 songs over 75 minutes. Two sets are preferred but only for evening with situations.


separation anxiety
vacancy at the Bordeaux Motel
it's all gonna be No it's not
the Binge
ninja class
the sleep


Ain't no Sunshine (Bill Withers)
Man-eater (Hall & Oats)
WAR (Bob Marley)
Burnin & Lootin ( Bob Marley)
No More Troubles (Bob Marley)
Hard Times (Curtis Mayfield)
G's & Hustlers (Snoog Dogg)