Corn and the Colonels

Corn and the Colonels

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

We draw on the folk and popular music traditions of many cultures to create a set that is engaging, varied and infectiously groovy


Corn and the Colonels are always harvested at the peak of freshness. They are guaranteed to be free of impurities, a new sound, clinically proven to aid in drink consumption and the courting of new love. We cull words and melodies from musical traditions around the world- some forgotten, some familiar- to warm your heart and make you dance.

Set List

Corn Shucking Time
Maria en la Playa
Lost Girl
Gin and Coconut Water -> Try Again
Hawkin's Rag
Goodnight Irene
Road To Malvern
Pig Ankle Rag
Nobody Loves You When Your Down and Out
Minnie the Moocher
Rockingham Cindy
Hold 'em Joe
Dill Pickle Rag
Bemba Colora
New Shoes
You Know (original)
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Fly Around My Pretty Lil' Miss
Temperence Reel
June Appal
Big Sciote
Bound to Have Some Fun
Dry and Dusty
Kitchen Girl
Police Man
Old Mother Flanagan
Colored Aristocracy
Keys to the Kingdom
Turkey in the Straw
Billy in the Lowground
Lost Girl
Double File
Sally Ann

We have two hour-long sets worth of music. Our sets are a mash up of rags, blues numbers, and dance numbers. We cover Celia Cruz, Leadbelly, Yank Rachell, Bob Wills, Bahaman Blink Blake, Brownie, Houdini, Lady Gaga, Aaliyah and many others.