Cornelius Reedfeld

Cornelius Reedfeld

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Strong, powerful, from the heart, emotional, commercial pop music.


Cornelius Reedfeld is a singer/songwriter with a warm voice and who also writes strong, powerful and emotional songs. His voice sounds black although he is not. Because of his recognizable pure warm voice that is not a common one, it is always a pleasure to listen to. Cornelius can also write many styles in a commercial way, what makes him really a talented musician.


Since u been away

Written By: Cornelius Reedfeld / Belinda Anholt

a few more words
before we end our conversation
oh I don't know why it hurts
you were just someone i know
but i feel like cryin' now you go

secrets you revealed
moved me into tears and made me feel unreal
you changed my world so unexpectedly
you became special to me

since u been away
since u been away
maybe it's too late
is this love against all odds

make you guess at my emotions
is a game that I won't play
with my tears I could fill oceans
but you discovered a different me
and your sensitivity showed your other side

now I'm travelin' through my past
I took the wrong coarse but I found the road at last
accordin'to what you said faith is key
a whole new beginning and you believin'in me

since u been away
since you been away
and now it's too late
is this love against all odds
I wanna know

the truth is lyin' heavy on my mind
in my wildest dreams I couldn't dream of all the happiness I'd find
to have you on th phone makes me feel that I'm not alone
I'm affraid it will vanish all if you will end this phonecall


and now it's too late
is this love against all odds

a few more words before we end our conversation


In Europe Cornelius has released a few songs as a singer and as a writer. He had one top 5 hit in the Netherlands and one top 10 hit.
His biggest foreign hit was a top 10 hit in Denmark as a writer/producer with the song "No more reason". At the moment he is mastering his cd album with 14 songs. Planned release (if a record company is interested) in February 2009.

Set List

Cornelius sings besides his own songs, songs from Stevie Wonder until Phil Collins. From Earth wind and Fire untill George Michael.