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The Innovators not The Imitators The Legendary Clown Princes of Rock N' Roll

The Original Cornell Gunter Coasters

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the formation of Cornell Gunter's Coasters out of the ashes of the surprising breakup of the original Coaster group several months earlier.
Few people recall anymore the historical significance of Cornell Gunter's decision at the time to "fly in the face of the wind." After all, he thought he could form a new group that would overcome the sudden lack of public interest in The Coasters' music, and 1950's music in general. And he thought he could do so by relying, in part at least, on Coasters' music. Cornell believed that there was a new and unique way to present 1950's music and clearly a new approach was needed because the early 60's brought about a stunning and sudden change in American musical tastes. The Beatles and psychedelic music were right around the corner and almost overnight The Coasters, along with all of the other purveyors of the oldies group sound (The Drifters, The Shirelles, The Platters, to name a few), went from living as stars in the spotlight to being unable to get a new record played on the radio. Looking back, given the current popularity of their music, it is hard to believe that this immensely popular art form could have fallen into disfavor so rapidly, joining such other fads as disco, calypso, big band and swing; all of which disappeared from the American music scene. Like aging football players or silent movie stars, the 1950's group members all seemed headed for their new lives out of the limelight.

Enter Cornell Gunter

Cornell believed that The Coasters could be reborn. In fact he believed that all of the groups from that era could be reborn, and thrive as live performing groups, and ultimately he led the way to what was soon to become known as "the rock revival." All that was needed was to take the original music and present it in a way that gave each group a modern theatrical approach to their presentation. More important, he developed an approach to 1950's music that lent itself to constant innovation. And slowly but surely fans returned. So unique was Cornell's approach to The Coasters' music and 1950's music in general that within a year Cornell Gunter's Casters were headlining in Las Vegas for six months out of the year. Soon The Drifters, The Platters and other 1950's groups following Cornell's lead, were reconstituted as live performing groups, all with their own unique style. By 1969, came the first oldies stations and oldies shows, that still fascinate the country's musical taste today. All because of this "crazy idea" of Cornell Gunter. Over the years, Cornell Gunter's Coasters has continually built up a new market for their approach to 1950's music. If you're seen the show, you will know what we mean when we say,

"You Are in for a Surprise"

Today they are as much a comedy act as a singing group.
It's been seventeen years since Cornell passed away. Since that time, Charlie Duncan (who was an original member and the creative force behind the group keeping the music alive) incorporated Cornell's genius into the group's ongoing homage, to not only The Coasters' music, but to Cornell himself. It is under his tutelage and guidance that the group continues to entertain today with Lionel Z who replaced Cornell after his untimely death.

And today Cornell Gunter's genius still lives on in the way

Cornell Gunter's Coasters
present themselves on stage.

Unforgettable Sound & Excitement

This amazing show is High-Energy and filled with

Hit after Hit that everyone recognizes and sings along with!

Charlie Brown, Searchin’, Poison Ivy, Smokey Joe’s Café,

Yakety Yak…and many more

Carrying on their tradition of vocal excellence and precision choreography along with their trademark humor and audience participation and incorporating it into today's entertainment. With a rock solid foundation of musical experience and accomplishments,

Cornell Gunter's Coasters

Combines the unique, unmatched Coasters sound of yesterday with their AMAZING vocal abilities, songwriting and record production of today. sentimental favorites, fast tempo golden oldies and some bold new arrangements the performers keep the fans applauding.

By the end of the evening the crowd is dancing in the aisles!

They are often referred as:

"One of the BEST vocal acts in the world today"

newest releases

"What Happens in Vegas...Gets EMAILED Home"

"Baby This Time"