Cornelson Laut

Cornelson Laut


Billy Bean & the Butterworths is a band that offers a mix of Alternative and Classical music that mirrors the turbulent and exciting life of its members. Whether it comes to hard hitting beats or whimsical slide whistle melodies, there's a little bit of everything for everyone.


The band is a combination of two failed one man bands in the Boston Area. I (Billy Bean) and my partner (& the Butterworths) both performed on street corners on the North and South ends of the city. One day, at a "Battle of the One Man Bands" contest, we ran into each other and discovered that we shared the same interests in music. The rest is history.

Our band's music is influenced by a plethora of artists that encompass a wide spectrum of the musical genre field. Billy Bean & the Butterworths' style mainly comes from listening to John Philip Sousa, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Megadeath.


best song ever

Written By: Nelson

this song rocks.


2004 - Released first hit single"Marching to the beat on top of a Different Drummer" which then was followed by "Rolling Someone Else Down the River"

Currently you can hear the band on Top 40 radio stations throughout North America and Guam.

Set List

2 Sets (45-60 minutes each, 15 songs) all original