Cornerstone is a Hard Hitting Rock band straight out of the heart of the Memphis music scene. They play for love of music, and it shines through in their Live performance.


Cornerstone started off as a tight 3 piece rock band. With 2 and a half years of playing shows and winning such awards as second place in the Emergenza Battle of the Bands, and Nitro battle of the bands as crowd favorite, the bands Drummer James Fout left for college, and a year later they found confidence with new drummer Mikey Peterson as well as adding new Bassist William Hanlon adding enthusiasm to stage performances.

Now a four piece band, Cornerstone has played large venues around the Memphis Area, Recorded with Producer Jonathan Treeby who toured 10 years with the Neville Brothers, and is looking forward to expanding their legacy outside of Memphis, and the TN area.

Now, the band is working with Producer Dave Cowell, and engineer Chris Austin to produce their first CD.

Cornerstone has played with these National Acts:
Saving Abel
12 Stones
Smile Empty Soul

Cornerstone has Played In these Venues around the South Eastern Region:
The New Daisy
The Hard Rock Cafe
Poplar Lounge
Main Street Live
Private Parties
St Jude Charity Event in Walnut Ridge, AR
Live @ 9 News Channel 3


Deja Vu

Written By: Nick Hein, Brandon Hudson, William Hanlon, and Michael Peterson

Sometimes i sit and wonder, what ive done wrong
No i do not live in regret, for all that time is gone
Why should i sit and think about those days
No i cannot change my life, and i cant tame the rage

Tame the rage

ohh its coming around again
Deja Vu
ohh Its coming around again
Deja Vu

Hey when you gonna listen to me
All these things in life, have already been forseen
Theres no use in trying to change the past
No matter what you do, you'll always come in last

Come in last

ohh its coming around again
Deja Vu
ohh its coming around again
Deja Vu


Written By: Nick Hein, Brandon Hudson, William Hanlon, and Michael Peterson

Unwind your mind into mine
and slowly slip into
come down with me my friends
ill make your dreams untrue

Come with me
ill take you to my dreamland
Come with me
how do you like my dreamland now

I feel your legs get real tense
and i feel your pulse deepen
your slowly creepin back
and falling right into my dreamland
when your eyes flash white
and then black conceals the light
you see the things you've questioned all your life
but now the time has come
im letting you on your own
to make the choice on life
to live or die inside your minds eye

Come with me
Ill take you to my dreamland
Come with me
how do you like my dreamland now


Dreamland EP/Demo:
Cornerstone's first CD released takes you back to an era where less means more, the songs are simple and rockin'.

Detour EP (In production):
Cornerstone's first go at a real CD takes you deeper into the bands influences and shows the bands songwriting talent. The First two singles (Dreamland and Deja Vu) off of this album are featured on this EPK.

Set List

Home (Rock/Original)
Please (Rock/Original)
Skin (Rock/Original)
Face The Day (Rock/Original)
Sex Sells (Hard rock intro song/Original)
Mind Is Shot (Rock/Original)
Fend For Yourself (Rock/Original)
Dreamland (Rock/Original)
Deja Vu (Rock/Original)
Train Ride (Rock/Original)
The Road Less Traveled (Acoustic/Original)
Shallow (Rock/Original)

Mudshovel (Staind/Cover)
Readymade (Red Hot Chili Peppers/Cover)
Rain Wizard (Black Stone Cherry/Cover)
Closure (Chevelle/Cover)
Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers/Cover)
Around The World (Red Hot Chili Peppers/Cover)
The Pretender (Foo Fighters/Cover)