Cornerstone ®

Cornerstone ®


“...very pleasant, well played, nicely produced radio friendly rock, trippy, laid-back music for a long drive on a summer's day. This band could quite happily be on heavy rotation on American radio: in the good old days, MTV would have loved this band.” FIREWORKS MAGAZINE, U.K.


Austria may be known as the classical music capital of the world, but make no mistake, Cornerstone is here to rock. Carina Sethaler (Vocals, Guitar), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Martin Key (Drums, Percussion) signed a record deal with US-label ATOM Records and have released their debut “Head Over Heels” in the same year. Following the release, the band was introduced of more than one hundred magazines and radio stations worldwide. Beautiful melodies, big guitars, a melodic bass and sad-aggressive lyrics about the small and big topics of this world quickly inspired the public, particularly in the U.S.A. and the U.K..

Some of the songs from the new CD are included in the motion-picture soundtrack for the film “Little Alien,” which will be shown in all Austrian cinemas and on television in spring 2009. The band‘s focus is nevertheless on the Anglo-American market. Cornerstone has won the “Next Big Thing Contest,” sponsored by Alternative Addiction, in March 2008 and had a No.1 hit on Chungardio Statesides. In the United Kingdom the band had a very successful tour in the fall of 2008, followed by reviews and interviews in the most important rock’zines (Powerplay, Fireworks, Classic Rock, etc.) and appearances on UK-Radio (f.e. in the Steve Price show/Radio ARFM). Cornerstone will be embarking on a follow-up tour through the UK in the spring (including the Z Rock Festival in Dudley, together with Ted Poley and John Waite/Ex-Bad English, Ex-Babys), and a longer series of concerts stateside is in the works for summer 2009.


Street Date 10/14/08 (U.S.A.), 10/21/08 (Europe)
Genre: Rock/Pop/Indie - AOR (Adult Orientated Rock)
Label: ATOM Records (U.S.A.), Cat. No. ATOM1508
UPC 634479854941

"Fade Away", "Ready To Go", "Regret", "Changed" and "Crises" have got reviews and airplays of more than one hundred radios and magazines wordwide.

Set List

This is an example set list for a 100 Minutes show:

1. Something To Say
2. When You Close Your Eyes (NIGHT RANGER)
3. Regret
4. Leave
5. Ready To Go
6. Breathing For You
7. Crises
8. My Immortal (EVANESCENCE )
9. Fall From Grace (AMANDA MARSHALL)
10. Better Than You
11. I Can't Even Say No
12. Dreaming (BLONDIE)
13. Changed
14. Something In The Way
15. Fade Away
16. Stefania
17. Renegade (STYX)
18. You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

The covers may change, depends on the Venue and the audience.