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Corner Stone


Corner Stone breathes new life into the otherwise stale genre of rap-metal by bringing a more true to form hip-hop style of lyric writing and delivery while keeping the diversity and edge of today's various sub-genres of rock music. They go just as melodic and smooth as they do heavy and energetic.


Corner Stone was originally formed in late 2000. Formed from fragments of other Las Vegas bands, Corner Stone hit their first year on the scene hard and successfully. By the end of that first year of action, the band had 50 shows under it’s belt and a highly anticipated debut CD still on the way. A series of nagging line-up changes, however, has left frontman, Randall Logan the only member of the original line-up. Jason McNelis joined the band in October of 2002 to fill the drums position. The line-up was rounded out in June of 2003 by Scott Herhold and Ryan Puskarich on guitars and Rocky Meisner on bass.
The band’s first recorded song, "Pull", proved to be a great buzz builder. One week after it was recorded, the song was played on local station KXTE during the local segment of the station's highly popular "It Hurts When I Pee" show. Heavy rotation from KOMP’s “Homegrown Show”, soon followed . The group recorded and released their self-produced and funded CD, “Corrective Action”, in June of 2002. And since the release of the disc, the local radio stations have been a big source of continued support. * Their song, “Witcha”, clocked 33 spins in 2002 and became the 4th most requested song on the “Homegrown Show” for the year. One of their newer songs, “Tremble” came in 5th on the 2003 countdown with only two months of rotation for that year. Their track, “Isn’t it Amazin’” has received play on pop radio station KLUC and was included on the compilation Vol. 4. In recent months, radio play has expanded to areas such as Flagstaff, Az. and Salt Lake City, Ut. Corner stone has performed on UNLV’s “Totally Band in Vegas” television show, has opened for the likes of DJ Peretz (Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction) and Suburban Noize Records artists The Phunk Junkeez, and won the local finals of the 2004 “A Shot At Cabo Wabo” battle of the bands at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe. In addition, the band caught the attention of Budweiser and became part of their “True Music Live” program.
The band's energetic stage show, versatile sound, connections within the local scene, overall personable nature with the public and relentless promotion tactics keep the Corner Stone machine running strong. The support from the public as well as local radio are what keeps them striving to improve.
With influences that span from the likes of Cannibal Corpse, The Deftones and Tool to the likes of The Roots and Outkast, it's no wonder that the band's stlye is in a seemingly never ending state of evolution. Serving as both a blessing and a curse, this diversity has made it possible for the band to snag listeners from almost totally contrasting ends of the musical spectrum.



Written By: Lyrics: Randall Logan Music: Corner Stone

Feelin’ the way that I did / The day I realized that / I wasn’t Superman / And had to watch / Things I love / Collapse before my eyes / Kneelin’ to pray / For a way / To curb this feeling / Of uselessness / Went from a willing Atlas / To feeling like / I can’t lift my arms / From my sides / To me / A sorry wouldn’t suffice / If time was stolen / And I wasn’t there / To botch the heist / Apologies unnecessary / But given / As if one’s passing / Means we’ve abandoned them / To stay amongst the livin’ / It’s unnervin’ / Like wakin’ up to tears streamin’ / And not a single recollection / As to what it was / You were dreamin’ / Thrown back to the beginnin’ / I’m lost / Usin’ a compass / With a needle / That won’t stop spinnin’

Tremble / I wanna be strong / I wanna be brave / But all I can do is
Tremble / I wanna be the hero for everyone / But all I can do is
Tremble / Like cold hands / Wrapped around my chest and back / It makes me
Tremble / And I swear I’ll scream / If this feeling / Doesn’t pass

Clearing away / Any remnants of my past delusions / Only to find that my strength / Seemed to lie / In their distorted view / Hearing you say / That sometimes / Things just fall / Out of our hands / Only scares me more / ‘Cause one of the dearest things / That’s in my hands is you / I thought my armor / Was of the highest density / ‘Til I was hit with two blows / Of such intensity / That my defenses were crippled / Paralyzed but still I shook / As the shock / Pummeled me / In seemingly endless ripples / Salt water fountains / Erode down to a pebble / What stood as what I thought / To be an impervious mountain / Thousands of days in my life / It took only one / To change how I viewed / All of my days to come


Please don’t ask me for my hand / I’m afraid / That my grip just won’t be / What you need it to be / Don’t give me the chance / To let you down / Please don’t let me / Let you down

Feelin’ the way that I did / The day I realized that / I wasn’t Superman / And had to watch / Things I love / Collapse before my eyes / Raised and discolored blemishes / On my skin’s surface / Serve as reminders / Of bravado / That served no purpose / I was ready for everything / Except having to say goodbye


I swear I’ll scream / If this feeling / Doesn’t pass
I swear I’ll

Play Dumb

Written By: Lyrics: Randall Logan Music: Corner Stone

When she speaks / In nervous broken thoughts / Everything she doesn’t say / Comes through with perfect clarity / Her body language and eyes / Reveal a rift between us / That we both feel / But I downplay its severity / But the conclusion I’ve drawn / Is that she still loves me / ‘Cause if she didn’t / She’d already be gone / And as long as there’s love there / I think that givin’ up would be wrong

By playin’ dumb / And actin’ as if / Nothing’s the matter / I’m complicatin’ what should be / A simple matter / She’s getting’ through to me / And I hate having to / Resort to / I’m out of ideas / Such a weak defense / But what choice do I have

I’m trying to understand / How I fit into her life now /
But it seems / Like I don’t fit in at all
So if need be / I’ll just play dumb / Just tryin’ to buy myself some time /
I’m tryin’ to make / One last stand / In hopes that I can / Change her mind

I remember / When if we couldn’t feel the soft warm brush / Of each other’s breath / Then the distance between us / Was too great / When laughter / Was the only cause of tears / I know we could switch gears / Though the vibe she radiates / Says it’s too late / But the conclusion I’ve drawn / Is that she still loves me / ‘Cause if she didn’t / She’d already be gone / And as long as there’s love there / I think that givin’ up would be wrong


I thought we’d be in this / For better or worse / But it seems like the worse / Got the better of us / I’m not tryin’ to abuse her patience / But whatever love is left / Must be there for a reason / So maybe there’s a chance / That I can breathe life / Back into it again


Take It Upon Myself

Written By: Lyrics: Randall Logan Music: Corner Stone

I don’t always share your feelings / I don’t always share your views / But I take it upon myself / To support you as if I do / I give you all of the love that I have in me / And all the attention you crave / But I take it upon myself / To absorb the anger that you misplace
I know at times / I should let you suffer just a little / In hopes that it makes you stronger someday / But I take it upon myself / To make sure you stay out of harm’s way / I never hear you speak my name / When you’re issuin’ out thank yous / But I take it upon myself to / Stand in the shadow that’s cast / When the light shines on you

Givin’ everything / Never seems / To be enough / To keep you satisfied / And the effort seems / So pointless / Is it asking too much / To have a minute / Where I can take care of me / And not have to worry ‘bout you

It’s seems as if when I need you most / You’re not at my side at all / But I take it upon myself / To drop everything when you call / I give you all of the love that I have in me / And you claim that I have yours too / But I take it upon myself / To accept what I know is not true


I take it upon myself / To deny myself / Anything to satisfy myself / Shouldering a load of this kind / Is a labor of love / But a drain on my spirit and mind / But I’ll take it upon myself / To remind myself / That only I can define myself / Take time to rebuild myself / So what’s made of myself / Only I’m responsible


Corner Stone - "Corrective Action' 6/01/02
3 song sampler - 5/5/04
You can hear our song "Tremble" at
Our current "single", "Play Dumb" has been receiving regular play on KOMP's "Homegrown Show".

Set List

Our set list is always different because we like to give the crowd the older songs that they know and love while still pushing them forward with new material.
We all take turn drafting the set. We hardly ever do covers unless we're feeling really goofy or we have to stretch drastically. Our sets are usually about 45min. but we've played for just short of 2hrs. on occasion.
We like to make the energy ebb and flow so as to either give the crowd a chance to cool out for a second or to just add a general sense of dynamic and shift.