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Being one of the black sleep of the house family, Cornflake was born Erwin Livingston Hill on April 19, 1971. I was have always sounded by music. Since the age of 3 I know that music would be my passion. I discovered house music in 1986 when going to the now closed Odell’s nightclub and listening to Dj Frank Ski on the radio playing “A Day in a Life” by Todd Terry, I was hooked. After that I tried to go to other clubs in the city but couldn’t found that sound that I was searching for, until spring of 1989 when a high school friend of my talked me into checking out a club called Fantasy’s. Then that’s when I fell into love wit House Music. Man is like a dream come true after that I when there a lot. I stated to have friends and knew the staff including the owner who I’d work for late at another club but we’ll get to that later. Anyway, well when all this was going on no one never know my name until on day I met so dancers from DC. Corey and Mitch. Now this dudes use to wore cereal boxes around there neck. Me and my friends thought it was cool so we started wearing them. Well, no one knew my name so I was wearing a Cornflake box at the time and Mitch and the rest of my friends said that would be my name and the rest is history.

Now fast forward to 1993 at University of Maryland Baltimore, where I was working and was about enter college. Where my life was about to change. I was at a Black Student Union meeting when I met this brotha who was petty tall by the name Carl Price. Who was the GM at the school radio station at the time.
And he and I was talking about music and I was telling me some of my ideas about mix music. When he’d asked if I ever mix before and naturally said no. Then ask did I wanted to learn and of course yes was my answer to that one.

After a yr of practicing I knew I was ready by I didn’t no anyone. This where the owner of Fantasy’s ( which is called Paradox ) now. Hired my to clean up the place and then I met Ruben from Bass Rush fame, who asked me for copies of my mix tapes. Solved then to the kids which caught the ear of Charles Feelgood, which ended up me opening for Fever and Sunday Mass and the rest was history.

Now after 14yrs of spinning music where do I go from here. Well time will only can tell but I’ll tell you this I hope to be around for another 14 more.

Erwin L Hill
Aka Cornflake