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Anacron - A Typical
Citizen King - Mobile Estates



Cornrows is an intricate new style of hip hop music woven together by strands of musical genius provided by it’s two members, DJ/Producer Old Man Malcolm, and MC/Heartthrob Anacron. Originating from two of the most creative and innovative underground scenes (Anacron hailing from Los Angeles and Old Man Malcolm hailing from Milwaukee), this duo of devilishly delicious dynamos have dedicated themselves to destroying that thin line that divides the underground and mainstream factions of hip hop music, mindset, and culture.

Anacron and Malcolm first met at an event in Chicago’s Mad Bar, a once world famous staple of Wicker Park’s bustling nightlife scene. Scheduled to open for Citizen King (the popular pop/rock icons that penned the single “Better Days” in 1999, and Malcolm’s former crew), Anacron got on stage and snapped with a performance that anyone’s little sister would love. The Citizen King collective then hit the set and jammed quite righteously, and for Malcolm and Anacron, it was love at first sight.

Spawn of the notorious Los Angeles underground scene, Anacron has spent the last ten years rocking with the best. Running alongside and collaborating with artists and crews such as the Molemen, Living Legends, Project Blowed, and Peanut Gallery, he is definitely a seasoned veteran of independent music. A renaissance b-boy at his best, the ‘Cronster is a talented master of lyricism, breakdancing, djing, music production and composition, spoken word poetry, and visual art. Boasting 13 solo twelve-inch, Ep, and Lp releases to date, he remains one of the hardest working free-range sheepherders in the world of hip-hop music.

Old Man Malcolm, the pickled remains of the oldest B-boy in our hemisphere, has been leading the hip hop underground’s progression in metropolitan Milwaukee for the past 90 years. Still breakdancing, beat-breaking, and breaking limbs, this haughty old fellow proves time and time again that he just can’t be stopped. Known across the midwest for his skills as a club DJ and turntablist, Malcolm spends his spare time making beats in the studio for several up-and-coming artists soon to hit the roster of the midwest’s invasion of the mainstream music scene.

With a full-length album in it’s final stages of production, and an independently released single on the way, what does the future hold for Cornrows? Fame at home and abroad accompanied by diamond studded nameplates? A contracted agreement between our heroes and a record label determined to rape them for everything they have? Abduction by alien forces? A trip to the local food mart for some snacks? Whatever is to come from these two, you can believe that it will be beyond acceptable by the standards of today’s modern hip-hop consumer; or, as the Cornrows like to say, “it’s gon’ be skraight.”