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"Back to basics"

[W]hat struck me the most about this band is the level of honesty and bona-fide love for their music they possess. This is a new group of friends, focusing on the important things – having fun, and getting people moving. - The Indie Jam

"Alienated In Vancouver"

[T]here are a bunch of awesome bands – including the flamin’ instrumental hoedown music of Cornshed, whom I caught awhile back at the Hammond United Church Hall at the first of two Adstock fundraisers. They’re quite amazing and the band I’m most excited to see again – they play with all the fury of hardcore, but their music is a countrified Celtic-by-way-of-the-Maritimes variety of instrumental folk, with a mandolin and fiddle as lead instruments. - Allan Macinnis

"Adstock 2012"

Imagine if you will a packed barn party in the smallest of small farm towns. Now imagine the type of band that would play at that party, only performing with the intensive force of a punk rock band!
It’s a recipe for mass foot stomping and hand clapping. Don’t miss out on what will be the wildest set of Adstock 2012! - Adstock Maple Ridge Society

"Vancouver Jazz Festival"

The loud, hyperactive quintet (violin, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums) energized False Creek, and if I ever need a lesson in dreadlocks tossing, I’ll know whom to contact. – - Vancouver Sun


Cornshed EP 2011

Cornshed (Self Title full length) 2012



Being Canadian, our roots are musically diverse.

Growing up in small towns filled with country, folk, and bluegrass, it was all bound to rub off on us eventually. Add in our members’ histories in marching bands, more studio and touring than we care to list, a love for singing shanties in seaside pubs, and even full-on university training in musical theory, and the result is a clusterfolk of instrumental tunes with the driving force of a punk band.

Cornshed started off as a solo project at open mic nights, where the positive reaction of crowds quickly inspired an expansion to the stomping, binge-drinking, forget-about-your-next-day-of-work experience you love today.

The members of Cornshed are: Andrew Mueller (Guitars), Marc Lovisa (Drums), Tegan Ceschi-Smith (Fiddle),and Drew Sexsmith (Mandolin). We’re a Vancouver band with a habit of prowling into small country towns.