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Love At First Sight

Written By: Eivind Bøe

Love at First Sight: Tekst/Mel: Eivind Bøe

1: Last time I was in town. I was walking the streets with a buddy of mine, when you came into my life.
You stopped to talk for a while, because you knew oh you knew my friend, and he introduced me to you.

We sat down at Manhattan. You bought me a beer, and I falled in love, I didn’t know you at all.
We walked down to Elm Street. Spend our evening at the Rock Cafe’, by the end of the evening we were lovers. It was:


Love at first sight. Between me and you.
Love at first sight. We were shining, we were shining as light.
Love at first sight. We were dancing, into the night.

2: The next day I met you again. Two lovers walking, oh the streets full of joy, happily arm in arm.
It all happened so fast, but we were both sure, we were sure it’s gonna last, ‘cause we were really in love. It was: